Why choose an ordinary storage solution for your unique business? Get a competitive advantage in a place you might not have expected: with your storage. Business and office storage solutions can give your company a technological advantage whether it’s for files, tools, office supplies or industrial storage. Spacesaver storage solutions will save you time and space at all levels of security.

Law Libraries
Legal Files
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Straticom Fills their Storage Gap

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Berkeley Law goes GOLD with Eclipse Powered Mobile

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Eclipse Powered High-Density Mobile Storage System

Law Library Shelving

220x220-bus-berkeley-lawNo matter the size of your law firm, chances are there is a law library taking up most of your office space. Maybe your collection is so large you need an offsite storage facility. When you choose mobile law library shelving systems, you can create an efficient and innovative space, storing your complete legal library in half the space.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Mobile Law Firm Shelving:

  • More Space to Grow
  • Cost Efficient
  • Not Just for Paper Files
  • Completely customizable
  • Safe and Secure

Legal File Storage

When it comes to file storage, organization is key. Having a storage system that keeps all of your important legal files organized and accessible is possible without using a large amount of space in the office. Mobile legal document shelving allows you to save space for more offices or collaborative work areas.

Success Story: McDivitty Law FirmMcDivitt Law Firm faced an uphill battle: The need to add more filing capacity while simultaneously freeing up space for staff. What’s more, the file shelving needed to fit in an oddly-shaped alcove that would require a customized storage solution.

Evidence Storage

Secure evidence lockers may seem unnecessary, but when it means retaining the integrity of your evidence for a case, it’s worth it in the end. Make sure your clients mind is at ease with evidence locker storage systems from Spacesaver.

220x220-bus-evidence-brochWith tamper proof evidence storage keeping the chain of custody intact is possible with a variety added options to fit the needs of your law firm. Non-Pass thru evidence storage lockers allow for you to deposit and retrieve evidence from the same self-closing door without the need for keys or combinations, while ensuring only authorized personnel can remove items.