Vertical Hospital Bed Storage in Johnston, IA

Vertical storage technology has finally been developed to benefit the healthcare market with vertical hospital bed storage for Johnston, IA. Storing hospital beds and stretchers is now easier, more cost effective, and more conducive to small spaces.
The hospital bed lift for easy hospital bed and stretcher storage works like the lifts and carousels that are already being utilized in manufacturing facilities. After adapting this technology, Johnston hospitals can now benefit from the same efficiencies. Vertical hospital bed lifts increase storage capacity, organization, and ease of storing/retrieving. When hospital beds are stored vertically, valuable floor space is used more efficiently. Hospital bed lifts take up floor space that is only slightly larger than the size of a single bed. This small footprint makes it compatible for most Johnston facilities. Since hospital beds are stacked neatly out of the way, there will be no need to leave unused beds in the corridor or in other areas that may be a fire hazard.

Easy-to-Use Design

Hospital bed lifts are motorized and self-stacking. This means beds can be quickly and easily stored with just the push of a button. The automated storage and retrieval concept makes stacking and removing hospital beds capable of being handled by a single person. Once in place, vertical hospital bed storage allows for beds to be stored safely and securely, and the hospital bed lift allows for easier cleaning and maintenance from below.
When the first hospital bed or stretcher is rolled up the loading ramp into position, the motorized rack then raises the bed opening up space underneath for the next unit to be rolled in. This simple process can be performed by a single person and is controlled by easy-to-use buttons.
Vertical hospital bed lifts are available in a standard width of 52 1/2″ and depth of 103″. To ensure vertical bed storage can be applied to any Johnston facility, bed lifts can hold 3, 4 or 5 beds depending on ceiling height and bed count.