Mankato, MN Bin Shelving Systems

Organize inventory in your Mankato workplace with a simple and easy to access bin storage system. From office supplies to medical supplies and everything in between, organizing bins will transform your storage space and allow you to access anything you need with exceptional ease.

Organization Bins for Storage Shelves or Louvered Panels

Both storage shelves with bins and louvered panels for bins will successfully organize and display inventory in order to increase production efficiency of your Mankato workplace. The large molded front slots allow for easy-to-read ID labels so that the identification and retrieval of inventory will never slow anyone down. Once the right storage bin is found, the angled openings make access quick and simple. The organization accompanying bin storage systems typically leads to more control over supplies which makes tracking and ordering inventory efficient as well.

These durable organization bins are crafted with top-quality materials to ensure the bins stay strong over time. The heavy-duty and high-density materials used for these bin storage systems are unaffected by acids and alkalis and are completely waterproof. The material is also rust resistant, corrosion resistant, and break resistant. In order to ensure these organization bins could be used for any Mankato facility, they were designed to be autoclavable up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and to withstand extreme cold.

Our bin storage systems are completely customizable and flexible in order to best suit the facility where they will be used. The bin sizes, shapes, colors, and even configurations are personalized to make sure the organization is as simple and efficient as possible. Anti-slip locks keep bins from sliding out of place and reinforced ribs keep the organization bins from spreading when full. Organization bins can be stacked and locked as well for further security.

Louvered Panels for Bin Storage

Louvered panels take bin storage a step further than storage shelves by lifting everything up and reclaiming valuable floor space. These modular wall storage systems hang organization bins on walls in one convenient location and accommodate a wider variety of storage devices. These wall storage systems can include bins, pegs, rails, and even work surfaces all in one convenient space. By hanging louvered panels, the storage capacity of your Mankato facility is greatly increased and you will open up some much-needed floor space.