In the Healthcare field wasted time can make a bigger difference than you might imagine and a lot of that time can be spared with a better use of storage. Spacesaver storage systems help create a more convenient and efficient storage space so you can easily access all of your materials and supplies right at the point of need.

Pharmacy Storage

Point-of-Need Storage

Operating Room Storage

Central Storage

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Streamline Sterile
Supply Storage Management at Atrium

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FrameWRX Storage System

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Operating Room Storage at Naval Medical Center

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High-Density Mobile Storage System

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Nurse Station Storage
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CoreStor Patient Server Storage

Simple and Efficient Pharmacy Storage with FrameWRX

Point-of-Need Medical Supply Storage Arrives STAT

Pharmacy Storage

Efficient pharmaceutical and anesthesiology storage is important for keeping all of your supplies secure and patients safe. With Spacesaver pharmaceutical storage systems you can have all of your most important medications at your fingertips.


Flexible Spacesaver design options help even the tightest of work areas get the most out of their storage space. By accommodating various package sizes and shapes creating a completely organized system of stocking and storing is easy and improves your workflow.

Point-of-Need Storage

Putting supplies and materials at the point of need allows healthcare practitioners to devote less time searching for what they need and spend more time caring for patients. The FrameWRX Storage System and the CoreSTOR Patient Server are two products that can maximize storage capacity right at the point of need.


CoreSTOR Patient Server

The CoreSTOR Patient Server can provide supplies right at the point of need. The upper portion of the unit features custom-designed shelves to store 85 percent of the most frequently used, everyday items.These items are always within arm’s reach so nurses spend less time “hunting and gathering” and more time with patients. The lower portion of the system stores basic items, as well as a wheeled cart for dirty linen.

Having Point-of-Need storage that is organized, efficient and adaptable is critical when working in the healthcare industry. FrameWRX storage system is perfect for pharmacies and hospitals that need a highly-customized storage center. With an innovative rail system, bins and trays in a wide range of sizes, you can keep any and all of your most used medications at an arms length.

Operating Room Storage

When you need your supplies quick, clean, controlled and secure Spacesaver sterile storage systems can help ensure a healthy environment for your patients. Efficient, flexible storage for all of your sterile supplies gives you and your staff better security and inventory control, while giving your patients piece of mind.


In-Room or Sterile supply storage options are ergonomically designed for improved accessibility and organization as well as visibility. Adjustable shelving allows for easy re-organization of medical supply packages and the glass or plexiglass doors provide a dust free environment.

Central Supply Storage

Centralized on each patient floor is a clean supply room that contains medications and materials. Supplies are traditionally stored in these rooms on wire shelving and carts, but supplies can be more efficiently stored and organized using Spacesaver storage products like high-density mobile storage or the FrameWRX Storage System.


Case Study: Atrium Medical Center

At this new facility, officials wanted to improve storage density and speed materials management practices. They set out to:

  • Improve supplies organization and accessibility
  • Exceed the cap of 7,300 supply items on patient floors
  • Speed management of increased inventories
  • Hold down costs
  • Free up nursing staff to spend more time with patients

The new system allows for fast, easy access to supplies throughout the new medical center, by color coding and compacting centralized storage areas with the FrameWRX Storage System. The facility was able to streamline operations without having to add full-time staff, or increase inventory costs, increase supplies on patient floors from 7,298 to 11,896, and minimize the time nurses spend searching for supplies – providing greater opportunity for patient care.

Hospital Bed Lift System

Storing hospital beds just got easier with new Motorized Overhead Vertical Bed Racks. These Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts use vertical storage technology to expand your storage vertically and save valuable floor space. The Motorized Overhead Vertical Bed Racks work the same way as other lifts and carousels that have been used in manufacturing facilities for years. Now, hospitals can experience the same efficiencies with the Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts.

The Vidir Hospital Bed Lift System, with a storage footprint only slightly larger than the hospital beds it's designed to store, can recover up to 70% of a facility's hospital bed storage space.

Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts Help Conserve Valuable Floor Space

Motorized Overhead Vertical Bed Racks have a footprint a little bigger than a single hospital bed. The beds are stacked on top of each other all the way up to the ceiling to conserve floor space. Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts use the automated storage and retrieval concept to both stack and remove the hospital beds. How the Motorized Overhead Vertical Bed Racks work is by positioning the first bed onto the lift and raising it up, which opens up the space underneath the bed for the next unit. The Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts are also controlled by a single push of a button, which makes the lifts very easy to operate. Hospital bed storage lifts are available in a standard width of 52 1/2″ and depth of 103″. Bed lifts are available in three different heights to facilitate storing multiple beds.

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