Medical Carts

Midwest Storage Solutions provides medical carts, crash carts, lab carts, and hospital carts to medical facilities or anywhere medical supplies are needed. Our medical cart products are designed for function as well as aesthetic appeal in order for our customers to get the most out of them.

With our exquisitely designed medical carts, you’ll have easy access to all of the tools and supplies your staff needs ready at a moment’s notice. This ease and convenience will improve the efficiency of your staff and ultimately strengthen the quality of your patient care. In order to provide the most value, we offer an extensive selection of medical carts, crash carts, lab carts, and hospital carts in order to fulfill every possible need. We also offer options for medical facilities with space or budget constraints so that patient care will never have to suffer for it.

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Features of Midwest Storage Medical Carts

Midwest Storage Solutions specializes in medical carts designed to correspond directly with the detailed needs of employees in medical fields. In order to make our medical carts incredibly specialized, we’ve developed countless features to choose from in order to piece together a hospital cart or lab cart that will be of the most use to you while performing daily duties.

  • Breakaway seals on medical cart doors for instant access. Other door security systems are also available.
  • Made with virtually indestructible frames and impact-resistant materials
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Removable, full-extension, clear drawer trays for easy use and restocking
  • Custom capabilities available including adjustable door storage, rails, bumpers for balance, pull-ou workspace, built-in oxygen tank holders

Medical Uses for Carts from Midwest Storage Solutions

Whether you’re in need of a hospital cart, lab cart, code cart, or a basic medical cart, we’ll help you pick out the perfect product solution for your facility. Midwest Storage Solutions has worked with hospitals, medical practices, schools, and anywhere else medical supplies are required. Below are popular uses for our wide selection of medical carts:

  • Medication carts and medical supply carts greatly increase work productivity and decrease operational costs by tracking supplies and signaling when to restock.
  • MR-Conditional carts have been tested for use in 3-Tesla MRI environments.
  • Pediatric crash carts are in accordance with the popular color-coding system.
  • Anesthesia carts provide an alternative to using the patient’s bed, a stretcher, or any operating room tables for work surfaces or as trash receptacles.
  • Malignant hypothermia carts keep glycol packs and saline IV solutions cold enough and close enough for when they are most needed.
  • Wood carts and cabinets are an aesthetically pleasing substitute in the col, institutional environment of medical facilities. The seamless surfaces of our wood carts are resistant to moisture penetration, bacteria, and deterioration from disinfectants.
  • Standing computer workstations are a customary necessity for medical facilities of every size. A computer on wheels can greatly improve the efficiency of everyday tasks.


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