Security. Transportability. Visibility. Readiness. Our military-specific storage solutions are designed to secure your weapons, equipment, gear, supplies, and even records, while still allowing immediate accessibility. Spacesaver storage supports all functions of the armed forces, from the armory and the readiness center to the military hospital and general purpose warehouse.

Weapons/Armory Storage

Mobility and Logistics Storage

Maintenance Storage

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Custom Personal Storage Locker

Eclipse Powered High-Density Mobile Storage System

Naval Seabees Get Organized with Improved Storage Efficiency

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Precision Organization is Paramount at Camp Lejeune Marine Base

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Featured Products:

Universal Weapons Rack

High-Density Mobile Storage System

Weapons/Armory Storage

Armories can store everything from firearms, ammunition, and optics to other highly secure and important weaponry. It is important that these facilities be secure, but they must also support the quick issue of weapons and gear to the soldiers that need them, when they need them.


Case Study: Armory — Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

The Spacesaver UWR offered this battalion the flexibility they needed to store a wide variety of arms and assure quick issue and recovery of weapons.

Shelves and bins within the UWR allowed optics to be stored right on the weapons, which saves the armorers’ time. The retractable doors and locking bars that come standard on the UWR met their physical security requirements, provided quick assessment of inventory. Spacesaver even developed special support brackets for the MK-153 SMAW anti-armor rocket launchers, which are stored horizontally in similar cabinets.

Mobility and Logistics Storage

Mobility and Logistics storage facilities store gear that must be ready to be issued at a moment’s notice. Spacesaver supports rapid mobility through the use High-Density Mobile Storage systems, which can store whatever you need for immediate deployment – personal mobility bags, cold-weather packs, warm-weather packs, chemical packs, bulk bags storage, and other essential gear and equipment.


Case Study: Colorado Air National Guard

While retrofitting Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado, the Air National Guard reevaluated their storage needs.

They chose to use high density mobile systems to store all of the mobility bags and a second powered system with Spacesaver’s patented weapon racks to store all of the weapons for the Wing.

“By utilizing compact storage systems, the base is now able to store everything for the entire wing in one central repository,” explained Captain Brinkman, logistics readiness squadron operations officer. “We now have more consistency in management and are 100 times more efficient.”

The new storage solutions truly changed functional operations and promoted the safer storage of equipment and a faster turnaround in their mobility operations processes.

Maintenance Storage

Military maintenance units depend must house parts and supplies that service a wide variety of aircraft and vehicles that might be many years old or brand new. Along with parts, also come the service bulletins and manuals needed for reference in the field. All of this must be stored in an organized and easily accessible way to ensure that these vehicles are always ready to deploy.


Spacesaver’s military vehicle and aircraft maintenance storage solutions range from industrial mobile racking that can accommodate up to 30,000 lbs., to simple plastic bins for small parts and tools.

  • Customize mobile storage systems to items of any size and shape by including shelving, drawers,  racks, cabinets, and bins into the mobile unit to maximize the capacity of the storage.
  • Industrial storage systems can house bulk materials, pre-assembled aircraft sections, and even vehicle seats. Load capacities range from 7,000 – 30,000 lbs. per carriage section.
  • Small items like nuts and bolts will find the perfect home in the FrameWRX Storage System.

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Brochure: Universal Weapons Rack (UWR)

The UWR storage system is ready to securely store a variety of weapons from rifles to side arms, gear bags to optics, all utilizing the same cabinet frame. This ability to store multiple weapons in one system, and do so without the need to disassemble or zero the weapon is a huge boost to your operational and combat readiness.
The UWR storage system combines thoughtful design and unmatched features to create a system that’s thoroughly dependable and instantly deployable under any circumstance. Keeping operational readiness in mind, the UWR storage system is both versatile and flexible. Designed to be ready…because you helped build it.

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