Museums both large and small face the constant challenge of storing and caring for collections that continue to grow over time. Spacesaver museum storage solutions can help museums better preserve, protect and grow valuable collections, whether it be priceless works of art, ancient fossils, or fish bones.

Fine Arts Storage

Object-Centered Museum Storage

Military Museum Storage

Archival Storage

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Delaware Art Museum Maximizes Collections Storage Space

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Eclipse Powered
High-Density Mobile Storage System

Art Rack

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High Density Storage Holds up History at Chicago Field Museum

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Mechanical-Assist High-Density Mobile Storage System

Custom Cabinet Storage

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Storage Solved for Fishery Sciences

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Featured Products:

High-Density Mobile Storage System

4-Post/Case Type Shelving

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Torpedo Storage on Target
at Naval Underwater Museum

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Featured Products:

Mobilized Racking Storage System

Compact Storage Reduces Canadian War Museum's Footprint

Visible Storage at Daytona Museum of Arts and Science

High Density Storage Holds up History at Chicago Field Museum

State Library Safeguards Priceless U.S. Literary Treasures

Fine Arts Storage

Art collection storage from Spacesaver can help maximize storage capacity in your collections storage. Solutions range from high-density mobile and pullout vertical art racks to cabinets with doors and draws for organizing flat artwork.



Spacesaver’s Hang-Glider Pro Storage Panel System is a ceiling-suspended pullout storage panel system. Hang Glider Pro art racks provide easy viewing, loading and unloading of artwork by pulling the racks into a central aisle. Movement does not create vibration.

Museum-grade cabinets with glass doors can provide secure storage for three-dimensional artwork like pottery, jewelry and sculpture.

Drawers or pullout trays protect flat artwork.

Spacesaver’s high-density mobile art racks are mounted on carriages, which then travel on steel rails. By moving rows of storage from side to side, the system is able to eliminate idle aisles and “compress” (or compact) the stored materials into a much smaller footprint when compared with any stationary system – yet provide 100 percent access whenever needed.

  • Systems can be installed on existing floors or planned into new construction.
  • Wheel sections can be nested for maximum density.
  • Roller guide-bearing wheel assemblies provide for superior racking.
  • All wheel sections come equipped with in-rail anti-tip

Object-Centered Museum Storage

Museums need to store objects of all shapes and sizes, whether that be a ceramic vase, an insect, or large dinosaur bone. Spacesaver museum storage solutions are designed to appropriately store these objects no matter the size or shape, and can ensure that they objects are protected and preserved for future generations.



The wide variety of objects that need to be stored in a museum’s collection vary by department. Spacesaver museum storage specialists have worked for over forty years to provide custom, specialized solutions for the following types of collections:

  • Anthropology
  • Archeology
  • Botanical
  • Entomology
  • Mammalogy
  • Paleontology
  • Wet Collections
  • Cartography
  • Geoscience
  • Ornithology
  • Textiles

Military Museum Storage

Military museum collections storage solutions rely on shelving accessories and configurations that can store anything from artillery and vintage weapons to uniforms and even vehicles. Spacesaver provides this flexibility in their military museum storage products that can be equipped with drawers, drawers, locking cabinets, wide-span shelving and even industrial mobile racking.



Case Study: Canadian War Museum

The challenge was to store a collection with over 500,000 pieces, ranging from small buttons and insignia to tanks and airplanes. The storage solution several high-density mobile systems, mobile art racks, drawers, wide-span shelving and adjustable racks.

  • Tanks and cannons are stored on a Mechanical Assist mobile system
  • 1,300-piece art collection is stored on mobile art racks
  • Helmets, armor, swords and other functional and ceremonial weapons are stored in a wide-span mobile system.
  • Shallow drawers hold items like toy-soldier collectables once used for military planning.

Archival Storage

Documents can be preserved for generations through the use of appropriate archival storage solutions. Spacesaver storage products for archival documents are engineered to protect paper documents of all kinds like newspaper, old manuscripts and rare books, diaries and even photography.



Case Study: State Library of Pennsylvania

The storage solution provided for the State Library of Pennsylvania was a combination of conventional shelving and an Eclipse Powered System. Both storage systems included a variety of special elements to support the preservation of rare their paper-based collections.

Rare Books Vault: A variety of books and a rare collection of centuries-old maps are stored within three separate powered mobile systems.

Historic Newspaper Repository: Six miles of newspapers are stored in seven powered high-density mobile storage systems. Static 4-post shelving was also installed to make use of the remaining floor space.

Post 1861 Rare Collection: Storage was designed around a limited footprint to adequately store the collection but also leave room for those who examine the collection.

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Collection care. Arguably the single-most important undertaking for museums both large and small. As collections continue to grow, efficient storage space and optimum convenience and control over artifacts have become primary needs in today’s preservation strategies.

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