Spacesaver® universal weapons racks are built to exceed military security requirements with unmatched features, dependability and the ability to be instantly deployable under any circumstances.

Universal Weapons Rack® (UWR)

Other Weapons Storage Solutions

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Serving the immediate storage needs of the Air National Guard

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Universal Weapons Rack

High-Density Mobile Storage System

Universal Weapons Rack® (UWR)

Each universal weapons rack is versatile and are designed with adjustable racks to accommodate weapons of various lengths and types. Perforated doors allow for easy weapons storage inventory while keeping them highly secured. Spacesaver weapon racks prevent any movement, vibration and abrasion proven by shock and load tests.


Need room for even more? Stacking Spacesaver universal weapons racks on a mobile shelving unit will allow for twice the amount of storage in the same amount of space. All weapons racks and mobile storage systems are available in various sizes.

Other Weapons Storage Solutions

Benefit from the ControLoc technology that allows for secure individual lockers to store high-value assets. With electromechanical locks each compartment is accessible only by entering a PIN, key card or combination of both. Each system is committed to making sure that your high-valued equipment is stored securely and maximize the efficiency of keeping track of inventory.


  • Provides unattended storage with 5 standard modes of operation
  • Trace and Track data on door transitions
  • Modular construction and fully welded double door construction
  • Self-closing doors