Automotive Service Parts Storage

Automated Vertical Parts Storage

Maintaining a careful inventory of a wide variety of service parts is critical to effective warehouse management for automotive storage. At Vertical Storage Group, our vertical storage lifts offer automated service parts storage racks that improve productivity, security and organization to streamline your operations. With a Modula automated service parts storage unit, automotive service parts are kept in secured storage racks that can be immediately found, accessed and retrieved by our advanced inventory management software.  Simply type the parts number into your Modula vertical shuttle vertical storage unit and the exact part will be automatically delivered to you.

Benefits of a storing automotive parts in a Modula Vertical Lift

Automated Vertical Storage Systems from Modula store parts in shelves or otherwise known as "trays".  With the simple push of a button, the vertical lift trays are delivered to the operator at an ergonomically positioned work surface. There are two main types of Automated Vertical Storage Systems: Vertical Carousels and Vertical Lifts.  Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. specializes in Vertical Lifts and not carousels.  Why? 

Vertical Lifts vs. Vertical Carousels

Because Vertical Lifts Modules from Modula are much more dynamic and flexible than Vertical Carousels.  An auto dealer can store a variety of product sizes, heights, and weights inside a Vertical Lift, and if the supplier's product order quantities or sizes change, the VLM can easily adjust to accommodate this change and maximize the interior available space.   A typical automated vertical lift can store the same amount of inventory compared to 55-80 bays of heavy duty, stationary shelving. As a result, warehouses and distribution facilities can recover more than 1,200 square feet of floor space by replacing conventional shelving with an advanced vertical storage system from Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.   



Maximize Wasted Vertical Space and Worker Productivity 

By maximizing otherwise wasted vertical space, auto dealers are able to carry more variety and quantity of parts inventory.   Furthermore, our automated storage lifts can increase useable floor-space for more profiting generating activities; or, reduce your service department's required footprint and save money on new construction or renovation costs.  Not only does a heavy duty shelving vertical storage unit increase floor space, it also establishes better control over automotive inventory which improves accuracy and significantly reduces the time required to get parts to sales people and service technicians.

Other Key Modula VLM Features: 

  • Dramatically reduces the size of your service parts storage footprint
  • Laser Pointer = latest visual laser light guidance technology in Automated Storage Systems that contributes to increase productivity and improve accuracy, allowing operators to quickly identify each item requested
  • Thanks to simple and intuitive visual aids, companies are able to increase the accuracy of picking operations, allowing for optimal inventory control.
  • Modula storage units contain security systems that allow only authorized users access to high value parts stored in the secured environment
  • Modula's state-of-the-art onboard Warehouse Management Software (WMS) integrates easily with inventory software programs like CDK® or Dealertrack® 
  • Modula’s automated storage tracking system allows you to fulfill parts orders more efficiently
  • No climbing, bending or reaching for parts as Modula automated service parts storage unit brings the parts-to-the-user


Automated service parts storage has never been more efficient or effective thanks to the advanced vertical storage lifts from  Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.  No matter your storage need, our storage systems help streamline productivity, protect inventory, and improve the safety of your employees.

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