100 Years Later, The Thurston County Jail Remodels

The new Thurston County jail located within the Pender, Nebraska Law Enforcement Center was a project that was long overdue in the county. The old facility was outdated in almost every aspect.

The visitor section was in desperate need of love, the storage solutions were falling apart, and the housing section where the inmates lived was also in need of refreshing. The jail was not efficient for staff or for inmates.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. was one of the partners that helped Thurston County apply the needed update to their new law enforcement center.

The old Thurston County jail was nearly built over a 100 years ago. It housed 25 beds, and was originally located in the basement of the Thurston County Courthouse, but no longer had enough beds for inmates due to overcrowding.

Inmates charged with minor offenses to murder were all being housed in the tiny jail, making it impossible to separate them based on what level of danger they pose to fellow prisoners.

The sheriff of Thurston County, Shelly Perez, expressed her excitement because of the overhaul the jail will face.

Now, it will hold nothing more for her than memories. She states, “I won’t miss anything else about it.” Perez has been a sheriff for over 19 years.

The new law enforcement building provides a state-of-the-art jail which has separate cell blocks for minimum, medium, and maximum security inmates.  There are separate housing units for work release inmates as well as a women’s cell block to house female inmates more safely.

Furthermore, the new jail holds locker rooms, a safety cell for suicidal inmates, a medical room, and a multipurpose room. The law enforcement building also has an evidence room along with an interrogation room.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. partnered up with Carlson West Povondra Architects to make sure the new law enforcement facility was as efficient as possible with new storage solutions.  

Midwest Storage Solutions worked alongside Carlson West Povondra Architects from the concept of the new law enforcement facility to the end.

Midwest was also able to install a number of different storage solutions made specifically for public safety.  

MSS installed evidence lockers for the county jail. We offer two kinds of evidence lockers: pass-thru and non-pass-thru!

MSS was also able to install property storage for the inmates inside the jail. This keeps all of their belongings organized and ready for them when they leave. Finally, MSS installed storage solutions for the administrative staff to keep prisoner files organized.


Midwest Storage Solutions has done a number of installations for law enforcement agencies all around the state of Nebraska. We can offer better evidence lockers to more efficient weapons storage. For more success stories check this page out, and contact us today!

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