2019 Recap

As 2019 comes to a close, many are looking back on what they accomplished during the year. At Midwest Storage Solutions, we had a productive and exciting year full of growth. We have become even better at our craft by working directly with customers to ensure they get our best storage solutions that works best for their space. This makes for a happier customer and a happier us. To close out this year, we wanted to take a look back on 2019 and some of our favorite and most successful projects we had the pleasure of designing and installing. 

KÜL Lockers

Our locker line is available in several colors, sizes and configurations to ensure that they fit your specific needs. They are manufactured in high pressure laminate, thermofused laminate and metal. 

The high pressure laminate is often a top choice because of how durable it is. Thermofused laminate comes in a beautiful and classy wood grain or solid colors. The wood grain gives the same durability as the regular laminate, but it can be considered more stylish and customizable. The metal fronts give the look of a traditional locker, but still provide all the beneficial features of a cabinet. 

During the summer we provided one of our customers with some simple, metal front lockers for their organization. They were so pleased and happy with the results that they recently contacted us to add additional lockers.


We love helping out businesses and organizations by providing them with our best storage solutions, but what we really love is helping those who serve their communities. Check out the KüL Lockers that we installed in a Central Iowa police station. These were manufactured with a combination of the high pressure laminate and powder coated metal wrapped doors. 

In addition to our lockers, we also engineer our modular KüL Cabinets, which are produced with soft-close features and are pre-fabricated to ensure quick and easy installation. We guarantee that our products can stand up to wear and tear and will last for years. These also come in the same finishes as our KüL Lockers to give your space the exact design you’re looking for. 

A fun project that we recently completed was at Creighton Prep high school with the addition of two new breakrooms. Our modular cabinets worked beautifully in this space for what they needed and it looked sleek, too. We like to cause as little disturbance as possible when we install, and this entire project was completed by two installers in less than six hours!

Office Furniture

Our modular office furniture is completely customizable to your needs and existing design. Not only will it fit your space and organizational needs, but it will look sleek and modern, as well. 

Starting spring of 2020, over 60,000 square feet of office furniture will be installed for one of our customers. Since it is so important to us that our customers are comfortable and happy with their products before we get them, we spend months in the planning stages with the customer and design build firm to make sure that they are getting our best storage solutions and exactly what they need. We have built multiple mock-ups to get the design just right before installation. 

2019 has been a fun and exciting year for Midwest Storage Solutions. We have started, built and finished multiple different projects to help our customers make the most out of our space and we couldn’t be happier with all that we have accomplished. We hope to continue helping organizations with our best storage solutions. With the way we closed out the year, we cannot wait to see what 2020 has instore for us!

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