A Secure Place Needs Secure Storage Units - Offutt Security Forces Armory

The Offutt Air Force Base was in need of new storage units for their weapons, and they were able to achieve this with the help of their friends at Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. The best option was to go with versatile and moveable storage, something MSS has a strong history of achieving.

Offutt Air Force Base is located in Bellevue, Nebraska. They have four units operating from this base:  The 55th Wing, U.S. Strategic Command, 557th Weather Wing, and the Heartland of America Band, recently renovated their small arms range facility. The facility is currently 16,200 square feet and provides an enclosed interior range with twenty-one firing positions, a state-of-the-art target retrieval system, a new bullet trap system, and a public address system. However, the new storage needed to stay in the same size footprint as their current weapon storage racks.

The Offutt Air Force Base was looking for new weapon racks that were modular and reconfigurable. This is because they have various weapon sizes and various weapons and accessories such as: rifles, machine guns, pistols, ammo, and more! Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., observed the current area and planned to help the Air Force with their storage needs.

The current space size for the new storage units to be used was particularly small; however, that was no match for Midwest Storage Solutions! It was decided that the best option for the Air Force base was to go with High-Density Shelving units. This is because they are versatile and can be custom-configured to meet almost any needs!

The exact storage units used were the Spacesaver® Mechanical Assist, High-Density Weapon Storage System. The best part about Mechanical Assist High-Density storage units is that they can hold 4,000 to 10,000 lbs of material, and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to open and close the storage units even with a large amount of weight on them. Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., customized the inside of the five storage units. Accessories were added for better storage, organization, and overall efficiency. The airmen needed to be able to grab their weapons quickly and safely in case of an emergency.

The High-Density Storage units increase the current space for the weapons storage and allows for a modern update!  We have done many military base installations in the Nebraska and over the United States. To check these out, go to our resources tab on our website!


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping people find the right storage the first time since 1997. We take pride in all of our installations and have completed over 700! We have storage units for everything from healthcare to military needs, from educational to museum storage, contact us today!

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