Architecture and medical marijuana

From California to New York, the medical marijuana field keeps growing state by state. Each state provides their own regulations and the federal government still isn’t a participant in this business.

For architects, designing a business with little regulations, research and federal government backing can be tricky.

Here are issues these architecture companies face and how MSS can help.

Architecture and medical marijuana

The medical marijuana field faces its challenges from communities, the federal government and requirements from different states. Different regulations and concerns are necessary considerations for architecture firms and employees who work on these buildings.

The design issues that are set in place for these places: facilities need to be optimized to maximize plant growth, minimize contamination and damage to the building. With this, the building is part of the community, making both the exterior and interior design important.

  1. Vapor Barrier: Grow room walls and ceilings need the right vapor and resistant materials. There is a need for the right insulation and design.

  2. Floor drains need to be placed where the irrigation systems will be installed. Drainage reduces the chance of flooding and catches all other debri coming from the plants.

  3. Grow facilities require UV lighting and a large amount of it. The National Electrical Code statesall electrical wiring must be approved and follow the codes and standards set in place, even with the increase in lighting.

  4. Once the plants are harvested, there is the distribution side of the business. The units must properly hold all product without allowing mold or fungus to grow.

Many of these issues can be solved with the right storage system provided by Midwest Storage Solutions. From the growing process to distribution and sales, the right storage system can help increase profit, space and help with those large water and electric bills.  

All Grow systems set in place will increase yield, maximize space and double your total amount of plants. This is done in several different ways:

  • Aisle space is eliminated with GROW units. The less static systems in place means the more storage systems that can be installed which can double investment.

  • All GROW systems help with airflow and lighting by creating the optimal storage system to help let light in and keep air flowing.

  • The amount of lighting and climate control can be costly with static shelving. Units only allow for so many plants in one space, but with GROW units, there is the chance to expand in the same space which reduces cost per plant.

Once plants are moved to a dispensary, they will need to be visible and easily accessible for employees and clients. The amount of stock that is recorded needs to be accountable at all times with sales showing the profits and losses. Any damaged, stolen or lost goods can cause major issues for these businesses.

The first storage system Midwest Storage Solutions can provide to businesses is suspending shelving. LevPRO is the first suspended shelving unit in the high density storage systems. This storage system is perfect for back room optimization because it’s smaller than other units, provides quick access for staff and allows for stock to be easily stored with modular configurations.

The next unit is for larger spaces, high density mobile shelving!  This rough and tough unit can store a large amount of product in any space. High-density mobile shelving systems help dispensaries hold more product in less space by mounting the storage systems to a carriage that minimizes the footprint of the storage.

The final unit is called a front end storage system. This unit would work perfect in the front areas where items are being sold. This unit allows for quick counts of product still left, easy access and a security pin to ensure the units only open for employees!

Architecture firms building for the marijuana industry have a number of concerns from federal government, maximizing the lighting, climate control and keeping costs down. One of the best solutions for this problem is storage system Midwest Storage Solutions!

For more information on any of these storage units and their benefits, give us a call today.

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