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Every automotive dealership is full of parts, big and small, that are used in the service department. As these parts come in many shapes and sizes, it’s important that they are kept organized, clean and accessible. Automotive parts storage systems come in handy to make sure this is the case. 

While customer service is of great importance, it should be a priority to have a storage system to accommodate to your dealership’s needs. This will not only boost your customer service, but increase your workplace productivity as well. 

There a different automotive parts storage systems that are beneficial. Let’s take a look at some different options and how they will benefit your dealership. 

Modula Vertical Lift 

Automated vertical storage systems from Modula allow dealerships to store parts of all sizes. The parts are stored on racks, and with a  push of a button, the vertical lift racks are delivered to the operator at an ergonomically positioned work surface. The parts are kept secure, and can be immediately found, accessed, and retrieved thanks to our advanced inventory management software.This is a very useful storage system that will save you space as well as make finding inventory much easier. To see a video of how the Modul Vertical Lift works, click here

When retrieving whatever part you want, all you have to do is enter the parts number into the unit and the exact part will be delivered to you in seconds. This is very beneficial when it comes to inventory control and accessibility. The unit also contains security systems that allow only authorized users access to high value parts stored in the secured environment. 

Vertical Lifts vs. Vertical Carousels

Vertical Carousels are another automated vertical storage system, however, at Midwest Storage Solutions, we only offer vertical lifts. Vertical lifts are much more dynamic and flexible than carousels. Vertical lifts offer a bigger variety of product sizes and weights, and they are very easy to adjust if the suppliers order quantities or sizes ever change. 

Mobile Storage System

Mobilized storage is a moveable storage system that allows you to compress or compact the sores materials into a much smaller footprint, saving space when you need it. Mobile storage is a great asset when it comes to storing slow-moving parts, which aren’t needed as often. It also offers a great storage capacity, easy access, is convenient and can store a variety of different products. Having an organized parts department will help save you time and boost your productivity. 

Automotive parts storage system is an important asset to have for your parts and service department. Not only do these storage systems save your dealership space, but will also make the work a little easier for your service employees. 

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. is here for your storage needs. Our products are able to store products in a wide variety of industries, and help you boost productivity. Since space can be a problem in the workplace, our products are focused on maximizing your space and making your inventory more accessible. To learn more about our automotive parts storage systems, or any of our products, visit our website today!

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