Baseball season is here!

Keep everything accounted for and ensure that all the necessary equipment has the proper space to keep it in prime condition. Baseball teams from highschool level to the MLB have a lot of gear needed for each practice and game!

As the first day of Spring rolled out last week, it’s officially time for baseball season. Are you finding that items are consistently getting lost year after year? The amount of errors, misplaced and lost equipment can be reduced with the right athletic equipment storage.

These teams are getting ready to put on their gloves, swing the bat and win each game this year!


Why are the right storage units needed for baseball season? The Baltimore Orioles were just a couple of months from starting Spring Training with a new facility, the equipment manager and operations team knew that the final touches were going to be the right athletic equipment storage units.

The Spacesaver distributor was able to install high density mobile shelving units with personalized cubbies for all athletic wear.  The storage units installed were able to keep up with the rest of the ballpark and facility!

This is just one of many athletic equipment storage units that have been installed for baseball teams from professional to collegiate level. How can high density mobile shelving units and LevPRO be customized for this specific sport?


The first customization that can be added is baseball hat storage inside of the units. This customization allows for small cubbies to be sized and added to hold all of the team’s baseball hats. 

The second customization is a section of the storage unit can have a shelving unit installed specifically to hold all the baseball bats. This keeps the bats off the floor and easily accessible for practices and game days! 

The third customization is a bar that goes across the inside of the storage unit in individual sections to help the team members hang their uniforms. (It’s essentially an individualized closet for each team member.) This gives the team the ability to keep all of their different uniforms in one spot and wrinkle free! This customization also allows for practice gear to be hung up. 

The fourth is the modular drawer cabinets that can hold t-shirts, gloves, baseball gloves and other items that are flatter. A modular drawer means this part of the customization can be switched to other areas inside of the storage units. If an equipment manager needs to make room for boxes, this person can simply take the shelves out and move them to another unit! 

The final customization is wire mesh wall rack that is installed into the inside of the unit. This feature gives the ability to hang baseball helmets securely. 

These customizations are exactly what is needed for a successful baseball season this year. It’s imperative to a team’s success to help reduce unused space and maximize the current space the baseball items are being stored in.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. is the leading athletic equipment storage provider in the Midwest. For more information on baseball storage and customization options, contact our team today.

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