Bellevue, Nebraska Police Department- A New Evidence Storage Space

After a 10-year long process, the Bellevue Police Department was  finally able to bring all of their employees and leaders into one building. This was due, in large part, to Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., and their ability to customize and expand on Bellevue Police Department’s storage systems.

Public Safety is an important part for every community. Police officers are not able to do their job efficiently without necessary storage units. It is important for weapons to be stored in a safe and durable storage unit, and for their gear to be easily accessible in needed times. When it comes to evidence, without proper storage, evidence gets misplaced and lost in the system. This can lead to crisis within communities and the department itself. In the new building itself, the officers are able to package evidence in one room and directly transfer it to evidence technicians through lockers.

Laurie Synowiecki, from Bellevue Police Department states,  “prior to this, the technicians had to get in a vehicle then they would drive to 2 individual buildings to pick up the evidence.” Before all of this, the technicians would have to drive to different department buildings and transfer the evidence this way. As you can see, this can cause for mistake to happen without anyone even meaning for it to occur.

This is why it is so important for Public Safety employees to have the proper storage units on site. Synowiecki states, it's a huge improvement step towards improved communication and efficiency of our entire operation and the way our services are rendered to the public.”

KETV Newswatch 7, was able to get a closer look inside the police department.

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