Update: Benefits of high-density shelving

Storage can be a tricky system to master. The reason that many companies and organizations can struggle with what types of storage systems they want or finding the perfect solution to their organization needs is because it is a delicate balance of taking up too much room with your units and providing enough storage space for your products. 

Your actual storage solutions, whether it is shelving or drawers or whatever you choose, should not take up so much room that it hinders the rest of your workspace; however, you should also be able to provide enough storage that it is effective in doing its job of holding everything it needs to. 

This is where our high density shelving comes in. The reason these are so great is because they condense space and increase storage capacity at the same time. The shelving units roll back and forth, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice one need for the other. 

 From libraries to athletics, high density shelving provides many benefits that you cannot find anywhere else. 


Compared to traditional shelving, high density shelving will save you valuable floor space. Thanks to its compact design, you can install more shelves to gain more storage capacity and store the same amount of items using half the footprint. If you own a warehouse, this could double your capacity! 


As high-density shelving isn't fixed, it offers excellent flexibility. You can adjust your shelves according to your needs and it's easily adaptable to the weight, size and fragility of your goods. High-density shelving can also be expanded if you wish to increase your storage capacity in the future. To ensure your shelving is most effective, consider your short- and long-term needs before you have your chosen system installed. 


High-density shelving is available in a number of different modes of operation, including manual (push and pull), electric or mechanical assist. Electric shelving options provide ease of use, safety and security, with most systems requiring just the push of a button to operate, allowing you to enter aisles as the carriages begin to move.

Mechanical-assist shelving units are moved using a rotating handle. A number of safety options are available to prevent unwanted movement of the shelves, including automatic locks, which prevent the system from being closed on an open aisle. 


From athletic gear and surgical supplies to manufacturing samples and refrigerated evidence, there really is no limit to what you can store in high-density shelving units. So no matter if you're looking for higher education storage or industrial storage solutions, there's certain to be a solution for you. 

You might be wondering why you need to store athletic gear. With the proper organization, your gear will have a longer lifespan, be protected, organized and you’ll be able to make the most from your storage space! This stuff is not cheap, be sure to keep them in top condition for as long as you can! 

Now that you know what high-density shelving is, it’s important to know to prepare for the installation! At Midwest Storage Solutions we help you find the storage unit design that fits you and is in your budget! 

It’s time to stop feeling like everything around you is a huge mess, contact us today to learn how we can help you! 

At Midwest Storage Solutions, we offer Spacesaver® high-density shelving systems, which are ISO-9001 certified and manufactured in the U.S. To find out more about our storage solutions, get in touch with a member from our team today.

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