Update: Benefits of Industrial Storage

Industrial storage is incredibly important because there are many things that need to be stored and need a very specific form of storage. Whether that is with the Spacesaver Activrac, the Spacesaver High-Density Shelving or other forms of industrial storage solutions, there are many reasons you should consider investing. 

Here are some benefits of industrial storage solutions.


The safety of your employees and inventory is always a top priority for the success of the industry. 

Check out this video to be sure that you are practicing the best warehouse safety: 

Industrial storage solutions like the Modula Vertical Lift from Midwest Storage Solutions, are engineered to be safe. The Modula Vertical Lift is made from robust material, making it extremely durable and strong. It can hold inventory that weighs thousands of pounds while keeping it secure. 

Using the Modula Lift also minimizes the risk of injuries at your warehouse. All equipment will be guarded which prevents any falling debris or collision damage, therefore creating a safe working environment for all your staff.

All of our products at Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. allow for optimal safety throughout the workplace, passing all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and standards. 


A proper storage system can help your employees retrieve inventory quickly and efficiently. This is especially important during peak seasons, or when your workplace is short-staffed. It also helps locate items and makes it easier on your staff when anything needs to be shipped out, boosting overall productivity. 

The Modula Lift, allows you to retrieve, store, and transport inventory with the click of a button. Employees can easily access materials because they are all organized and arranged compactly to utilize vertical space. 


Storage space can be a big problem, especially for industries with bulk inventory. It can be challenging to utilize the existing space and still store your entire inventory without industrial storage solutions. Our high-density storage solutions are great when trying to maximize space. This allows for not only higher inventory numbers, but for efficiency throughout the workplace. 

Our products work well when trying to maximize the space of a warehouse. It is also more cost-effective to modify what you have with our storage solutions than acquiring a new one, ultimately saving you money! 


Your storage facility is of no use if your employees have a difficult time finding inventory. They need to navigate the warehouse easily and find it incredibly user-friendly. Midwest Storage Solutions achieves this through high-density, quality industrial storage solutions. Our storage units can be easily labeled and organized to help boost productivity in your workplace. 

If your workplace is not being as efficient, organized or functional as you would like then an industrial storage system might just be the answer. Storage systems come in a large variety, yet all focus on maximizing space, efficiency, and safety. 

At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc, our Spacesaver products help solve many problems across a variety of industries, including: automotive, healthcare, public safety, military and more. If you have any questions about any of our products, how our products are different, or just want to learn more, contact us today!

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