Benefits of Using a Vertical Modula Lift

Things are constantly changing and evolving, especially when it comes to technology. It is important for facilities like warehouses to be caught up on those technologies and processes to be sure that they are running an efficient and productive facility. Especially when things like e-commerce and online shopping picks up, warehouses need to be able to keep up with the influx of business. The best way to do this is to implement technology that makes the job easier. 

Another important thing to consider when keeping your facility and business up to date is thinking about safety. When implementing processes and technology, it is important to keep your employees in mind and what systems will keep them the safest. Most workplace injuries are obtained by falling, which is why it is important to implement technologies that prevent that from happening. 

Using a Modula lift as a solution in your storage facility has many benefits and it’s the perfect example of how technologies are advancing the world and making things easier in the process. Whether you have issues with injuries or just want to make it easier on your business and workers, Modula storage solutions may be a viable option.

Increases storage space

The Modula is filled with storage trays, and the trays sit on a carousel. Each storage tray can reach 13 feet with a max load bearing of over 1,500 pounds. The trays are stacked vertically and can hold multiple items of the same genre in one place. By having all of your items in one location, you will free up floor space.

Saves workers time and prevents injury

In the olden days, workers would have to walk and search, bending, kneeling, climbing and looking up high for the item they were searching for. Over time that can take a toll on the body, causing injuries.

With Modula storage solutions, all the items are in one spot and with one access point to retrieve the items, there’s no kneeling or climbing needed. Just a simple push of a button and the item comes to you.

Cleaner work environment

In a typical warehouse setting, you will typically see boxes, packing popcorn and broken wood from pallets. Alleviating the need for at least a fraction of these materials will help to keep the workplace cleaner. The Modula will decrease the quantity of trash and increase your chances of OSHA not getting ahold of you for an unnecessary infraction. A broken pallet can cause a trip or a piece of cardboard on the slick concrete floor can cause a serious slip.

In a setting such as a storage workplace, it’s impossible to decrease all boxes and packaging materials, but the Modula will help decrease it to a more manageable level.

Here at Midwest Storage Solutions Inc., we offer the Modula storage solutions, as well as many other storage options that can make sure that your facility is not only more efficient and productive, but safer for your employees that are working in it. 

No matter if you’re in the healthcare, industrial or automotive industries we can work with you and ease your mind about your storage needs. Contact us today and let us help you design a custom storage system that fits all of your needs and can grow as you do!

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