Bryan Medical Center Gets New Storage Units

“Storage for us, is critically important,” states Tim Clagett the Sterile Supply Manager at Bryan Medical Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. The center realized that in order to be more efficient with their storage needs and cleaning abilities, they would need new, more efficient storage units. This is where Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., was able to help them.

Sterile Supply rooms are a crucial part of getting patients the care they need, and any problems that arise in retrieving needed supplies could hinder the center’s ability to provide quick services to critical patients and efficient services to all patients. Their old storage units were made from stationary racks with pull-out shelves, which worked great, but they took up so much floor space and cleaning time. The center needed units that would be easy to access, easier to clean, and would take up less space.

The staff was running into the problem of not being able to efficiently clean under their old storage units. If anything was spilt or needed to be sterilized they had to move all of the heavy units and take out all of the bins. They then sterilized the floor and needed to put everything back. As one can imagine, this can be a very time consuming task, and less time was spent with patients.

Even if the sterile storage staff is never directly in contact with the patients; they play a critical part in their well being. The new storage system, LevPRO®, allows for shelving units that mechanically moved forward and backwards, easy to clean, and saved on floor space. Clagett calculated that the installing the new system would allow him to gain 38% more storage space.

With LevPRO®, the staff is able to focus better on serving their patients. The cleaning process is much easier and less time consuming as well. This is because of the storage units ability to move back and forth on their own. This mean they can clean the floors more efficiently. It also allows for the staff to retrieve the supplies quickly and make sure the patient's safety is the number one priority.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., is the sole distributor for Spacesaver in the Midwest. Our goals are simple: to help your company save floor space, save money, and increase employee productivity. We know that #StorageMatters. This is why we take pride in all of our installations. We have over 700 local installations in Nebraska, Iowa, the Dakotas, and Minnesota. For more information, contact us today!

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