Case Study: Offutt Air Force Base

Midwest Storage Solutions prides itself on helping out all different types of businesses and organizations. The products available can help organize, store and display all different kinds of items, tools, accessories and products to make your life much easier.

One area we love to help out is organizations that serve the community. We have done many installations for police departments, which is one of our favorites! Oftentimes these types of projects require lockers for personal items as well as evidence lockers to properly store sensitive evidence used for cases. These projects are so fun because it allows us to help give back to organizations that give to the community. Providing proper storage for their needs is the least we can do to do our part and thank them for all that they do!

A recent project that we completed was with Offutt Air Force Base. This was an intricate project because it contained many moving parts and design processes. The main goal of this project was to replace an old, aging high-density system that has been in place since the early 2000’s. What the Air Force base indicated that they wanted was a modular system that could be adjusted and changed as they grow.

They also needed a system that would be secure. This is because they would be storing things like firearms. A huge component of the project was that they wanted the new system to take up the same amount of space as the existing Weapon Storage Racks. With a new and improved high-density system, it makes it easy to store a significant more amount of products in the same amount of space. The new system is modular and reconfigurable so that it can accommodate changes in weapon size and various sizes of weapons and accessories. This could include things like rifles, handguns, ammo, optics and more. 

The Spacesaver Modular Mobile high-density system that was installed for this project utilized a modular rail on the floor. The system was designed with a larger floor plan that was needed so that it would be seamless when new carriages needed to be added. This made room for growth within the unit. 

In order to keep things durable, the system was completed with a rubber floor covering. With many different types of weaponry, ammo, accessories and heavy boots, it was important that the system was durable and could stand up to heavy usage. This was critical because the unit needs to run efficiently and smoothly, which may not be as possible if the system breaks down easily or is easily run down. Durability and customization were the two most important factors within this project. Planning for heavy usage and growth helps save time and money in the long run by preventing maintenance and implementation of whole new systems. 

In order to keep things as secure as possible, since weaponry will be stored within, a heavy-duty security system needed to be put in place. To make this as secure as possible, we had custom carriage locks designed and manufactured locally to lock through the floor directly into the concrete. This also accepted a padlock, which made the process seamless.  

Overall, this project took about a week to install. The project was designed completely around the base’s storage needs. Taking into consideration the amount of space, the type of security, what types of weapons, options or equipment will be stored made it easy for our team to assemble the perfect system. 

If you have a space that needs a storage system designed, Midwest Storage Solutions can provide everything you need to create a space that is productive, efficient and secure. Let us know how we can help you and we can start designing your storage solutions!

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