Update: Clean and Sterile Storage Units for Healthcare!

With constant changes and new developments in the healthcare field come more and more new instruments, supplies, medications, and records. It is important to keep these items at a point of need, especially for medical supplies and medications. These items, more often than not, will need to be kept in a sterilized room. They could also need ventilation to ensure there is no moisture build-up. The last thing your hospital needs is inefficient storage units; with these four sterile and clean supply units, you won’t have to worry again.

A hospital knows the right sterile storage solutions can help prevent supplies from getting bacteria on them and helps the risks of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) from spreading. It is estimated that hospital-sterilized equipment has a lifespan of six to ten years. When a hospital is looking for new storage units they need to figure out exactly how much the new unit needs to hold. They also need to consider the convenience of the storage units. This means if it is easy to access and easy to sterilize. Finally, the cost is an important factor. A hospital needs top-of-the-line equipment that fits within their budget. Luckily, for all hospitals and universities, Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has the solutions!

1. A great storage unit to install is, LevPRO. LevPRO comes in four different sizes or you can order it to be custom made. LevPRO offers narrow aisles depth and access to multiple aisles at once. The “levitating” design on LevPRO means that the units are on a suspended overhead track that all compact together. This innovative trolley mechanism allows users to easily move the shelving from side to side. This design makes it easier to clean underneath the units which are a large part of sterile storage units and cleaning.  Being able to clean underneath the units is a large part of why LevPRO is perfect for sterile storage. Check out our local installation at the West Bryan Medical Center.

2. The next best storage unit to install is, Moduflex. Moduflex is a patent pending pre-engineered pass-through nurse server. Moduflex is constructed of either healthcare grade laminate or antimicrobial powder-coated steel. Moduflex can be stocked and cleaned from inside the room or from the hallway. Either way, this allows more accessibility for nurses, Directors of Nurses, Physicians, and additional medical and support personnel.

3. The third is, Frame WRX. Frame WRX is convenient for hospitals because it can be adjusted on the fly at any time. It provides nurses and other medical professionals to access medicines and equipment efficiently and quickly. It can be installed on a mobile shelving unit which can make the cleaning process much easier!

4. The final storage unit is High-Density Mobile Shelving. High-Density Mobile Shelving is a shelving unit that stores basically everything! This works perfectly for hospital settings because it allows for more sterile items to be stored in one central location. It eliminates wasted space and allows for the floors to be cleaned easier because they can be moved from side-to-side. You can also use high-density mobile shelving in temperature-controlled rooms!

The right storage for hospitals can be difficult to find. The sterile department is crucial for each section of every hospital. This is because it controls infectious diseases from spreading and HAIs kept to a minimum.

At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we can help your hospital find the perfect storage units for your individual needs. We have been helping customers since 1997. We know that #StorageMatters! For more information on these storage units, contact us today!

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