Cold storage solutions

A research lab that is holding chemical tests, a local craft-beer warehouse, a medical lab and so many other common places all need the proper cold storage solutions with the right industrial storage solutions!

A cold storage unit is installed to withstand temperatures at -32 degrees fahrenheit, optimize space and keep track of inventory while keeping control of temperature and humidity levels.

The challenges of cold storage

Cold storage management requires skilled professionals to monitor the processes that happens inside the space or outside of the space. One challenge in the warehouse cold storage industry is optimization, picking methods and integration of the right systems. The managers and employees of cold storage centers means managing the temperature and humidity on a day-to-day basis.

The industrial storage solutions set in place need to be able to withstand the temperature and humidity levels inside the space without malfunctioning or causing more issues.

The requirements

A major requirement is industrial storage solutions. These storage solutions can provide a number of benefits to several industries utilizing cold storage spaces. All storage solutions can withstand temperatures of -20 degrees fahrenheit to 32 degrees fahrenheit. Spacesaver industrial storage solutions can double the space size, provide accurate SKUs, will not get frost or condensation on the system.

Furthermore, to make it easier on these spaces that are holding larger items on their storage solutions need touch screen or button technology. These large storage solutions need to be able to move back and forth without employees taking off their gloves and protective gear during work.

The industries

From the medical and research field to craft beer, cold storage is a widely known in these industries to protect the necessary items. One company learned this with high density shelving units in a seed testing company!

The company is one of the world’s largest independent seed testing companies in the world. A Spacesaver consultant needed to install the right storage units that would control the climate inside the space. The space needed to stay at a consistent temperature and the humidity needed to be controlled. The storage units needed to keep humidity at bay and help regulate temperature inside of the units themselves while optimizing the space of the testing room.

One local beer distribution company in the Midwest needed a space to control their temperature and help with their rapid growth. The 80/20 method with SKUs wasn’t able to happen with the old storage solutions and the warehouse was becoming crowded and chaotic with kegs being misplaced and in the wrong areas. The industrial storage solutions installed helped to save $32,000 a year (depending on the current process set in place) and hold 3,400 kegs!

These are just two examples of the necessity that cold storage provides for several different industries.

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