College campus storage

From libraries to labs, Midwest Storage Solutions helps you reimagine and optimize your campus space. We use SpaceSaver products to provide you with a unique and customizable solution for all your storage needs. Our products can be used in a variety of settings and you can  save time, and money, reducing your storage footprint as well. 



Our storage solutions bring both style and functionality to university athletics spaces. From helmets and jerseys to equipment and tools, our unique storage units give athletic departments the ability to protect and retrieve their valuable assets, improve their workflow and show team spirit.



Our compact storage units help condense and modernize your library, so you can make the most of your space. Create space for additional technology, public areas and collaborative workspaces. 

Because of their flexibility, users can also easily rearrange their shelving and customize the look and feel of their storage based on their needs. Customers can also opt for additional features such as LED lighting or customer glass end panels. 


Museums, collections and archives

Keep your supplies secure and organized with our custom storage, perfect for campus museums, galleries, and archival materials. Our storage solutions can either be sealed or ventilated based on your needs. You can also add glass doors and end panels so your shelving can double as a display unit. 



Easily secure supplies and equipment and create learning spaces with our storage solutions. We offer a wide variety of unique and customizable shelving and storage units perfect for any academic space. 



We offer a variety of solutions for campus labs including high-density shelving, chemical storage cabinets, research collection units and more. Because these supplies and equipment can potentially be hazardous, it is important that you have a unit that can keep your items secure and protected while promoting the learning process for students. 

Because our cabinets and shelving units are customizable, you can easily increase storage capacity, promote ventilation and security, and free up space for student workplaces. 


Campus police 

Need a space saving solution for your gear, evidence and weapons? Our suspended shelving systems make it quick and convenient for campus police to easily access any item they need. We also offer lockers which provide a secure place for police and technicians to retrieve evidence. 


Performing arts and recreation

Use our space saving storage solutions to store costumes, outdoor gear, music records, accessories and more. 



Our storage units allow campus healthcare providers to spend more time on what matters most -  patients. There are hundreds of patients that come through university healthcare facilities each week, so it is vital that providers have quick and easy access to their supplies. Our solutions can be used in pharmacies, storage rooms, individual floors and more. 

Because they are moveable and compactable, cleaning is a breeze and floor space is optimized. 


At Midwest Storage Solutions, we help ensure all your educational storage needs are met. For more information about our products and services or to make an inquiry, visit our website or give us a call today! 

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