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Your work space is incredibly important when it comes to productivity and efficiency. The way your office or commercial space is laid out can have a huge impact on your employees, their moods and their work. This is because working in an organized and efficient environment can promote efficiency in your business, which will ultimately lead to happier employees and a more successful business. 

Beyond personal organization, there needs to be a solid plan of organization for the overall space. If you have a smaller space, this may mean shelving units off to the side, drawers or other forms of storage. If you have a larger space that allows for more storage, you may have storage rooms or entire units that you can use to store the essentials. 

Whatever your storage needs are, you should plan your space accordingly before you begin filling. This will ensure that you have the proper storage solutions for what you need and that you will not run out of space before everything is finished. So, in order to have an organized and efficient storage space, here are some tips on planning out your storage room. 

Create a map

This can be super helpful if you have a larger space that can store things. Oftentimes things may get lost in large storage areas and it can take a long time for employees to locate what they need. This wastes company time and can frustrate the worker, thus becoming less efficient and less happy. 

You should start by creating a record of everything you are putting into your storage space. You should update this every time a new item enters the space. Once on the list, mark down where it is located in the unit. You can do this by numbering or lettering the shelves, or simply drawing a map and marking what each space contains. This will make it much easier to locate your needs quickly and efficiently and will reduce frustrations. 

The SpaceSaver High-Density Shelving units would be an excellent choice for any size storage unit and would be incredibly easy to map. A small storage space would work well with these units because they can hold a high volume of items in a very small amount of space. Since the shelves move back and forth along a rail system, there is no need for space between shelves, which takes up valuable room. 

The SpaceSaver High-Density Shelving units also make mapping and locating a breeze. There are LCD screens on the outside of each shelf, which make it easy to move them, but it can also have information stored on what is within the shelves. If you are worried about losing a master map, this is a great option so you don’t need one!

Match your business

What this means is that your storage should match your business needs. If you are a larger company with enough space, then every department should have its own section. Of course, departments with more storage needs should get bigger sections, but organizing the space based on your business and department needs is a great way to make sure everything stays together, organized and easy to find. This will also eliminate the need for employees from different departments going into storage items from other areas. 

If your business is holding larger items, or you simply would like to see what is on each shelf a bit easier, a great choice would be the Spacesaver ActivRAC system. These are also shelves that move along rail systems, allowing more storage in a smaller space. These units are able to store heavier items than the high-density shelving, which makes it a great choice for businesses with heavy equipment or items in their storage space. 

When planning out your business storage space, be sure to fully evaluate what your needs are specifically. Plan out where everything will go, where each department will store their things and how your map will work. This will save stress in the future and provide you with a productive and efficient storage space.

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