Craft beer industry and mobile shelving units

In the Midwest, we love craft beer! A pale ale, IPA, stout, sour, it really doesn’t matter! A new survey shows that the beer industry brings in $2.2 billion annually in Nebraska alone! In 2018, the craft beer industry provided our economy with over 15,700 jobs and the Congressional District, including Lincoln, supports more than 4,800 jobs and these jobs are bringing in over $630 million annually in the city.

As one can see, beer is a drink of choice for the Nebraskan folks. Nebraska breweries have been ranked as some of the best in the United States and continue to support the local economy!

Craft beer industry

The craft beer industry is a massive industry that spans from ocean to ocean in the United States! Over six million barrels of beer can be produced from ONE large brewery! There are four different segments in the craft beer industry that help to produce the millions to billions of dollars annually.

  • Microbrewery: A microbrewery is a brewery that produces less than 15,000 barrels a year with 75 percent of their sales being sold off-site. This means these small breweries can be found at your local grocery store or gas station as their traditional selling methods.

  • Brewpub: This is a restaurant where 25 percent of their sales account for beer. The law is dependent on each state and region; however, this beer is dispensed directly from the brewery. This means all kegs, drafts and to-go options are coming straight from the brewery.

  • Contract brewing company: This is where one brewery outsources the production of their beer. The contract brewery handles the marketing, logos, regulations and where the beer is sold.

  • Regional craft brewery: A regional brewery is independent. This company does their own marketing, sales and distribution, holds all products on site and even more!

Who knew the craft beer industry was so extensive?! At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc, we love to relax in the Summer time with a local craft beer and barbeque.

No matter if a brewery is producing 15,000 to one million barrels of craft beer, each one needs the proper storage.

Keg storage solutions

Kegs can be stored in cold or warm temperatures. One of the major challenges that comes with storing kegs in colder temperatures is the right keg storage units. Cold storage management requires professionals to work in the perfect temperatures, in return, the storage units need to be able to function properly in the perfect temperatures.

If you were wondering, yes beer does freeze! The reason behind this is because of the sugar. Beer can be stored in colder temperatures for a longer period of time before it freezes, but it still does freeze. Can you imagine going to grab a keg during a busy Saturday afternoon and nothing coming out, or it exploding? Keg storage needs to be able to help regulate the kegs and control humidity and temperatures.

This is where high density mobile shelving units are the perfect addition to these businesses.

ActivRAC is one of the most heavy duty mobile shelving units out there! This unit can hold over 30,000 lbs! Watch this unit in action now:

High density mobile shelving units are the smaller units of ActivRAC; however, mobile shelving units still hold a considerable amount of weight and can be customized.

If your unit needs an extra shelf or a replica of your current storage units, our team can provide this.

Don’t run out of kegs this year with the right storage.

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