Creative School Storage Ideas for Your Classroom & More!

The average class size in the United States is around 26.7 students per class. From state to state and rural and urban schools, this all varies. For example, Nevada has an average class size of 34, but remote places in Alaska have about 18! Schools are in need of storage units to hold all of their supplies from medical to scientific so all their students and teachers can access them efficiently and safely.

A school has many different rooms from the basic classrooms, to gymnasiums, cafeterias, and more. Midwest Storage Solution has units designed to help out the school’s administration and teachers!  

A place that holds a large amount of items is a library. A library is a place that helps teenagers and children learn and expand on their current knowledge. The same storage units that are used for community libraries can be used for school libraries! These are some examples of storage units that schools can use:

  • 4- Post Static Shelving: These shelves comes with slots inside so you can store books, folders, boxes, and more. You can change the dividers to make the allocated spots smaller or larger and can add more, if need be.
  • Cantilever: These storage units are great for public and school libraries. This is because they can be made mobile or be utilized as static shelving units. These can easily be reconfigured and relocate easily as your needs change. You can transform them to move with casters added to the bottom of the shelving units. This way, relocating and rearranging is easier than ever before. Furthermore, these shelving units can be used for media purposes!

A great storage unit that is versatile is, High-Density Mobile Shelving. This would be a great addition in any school because it can hold textbooks, art supplies, athletic gear, library books, and more. You can easily reduce the amount of clutter in your current storage area by utilizing a high density shelf. This is because High- Density Mobile Shelving reduces the amount of floor space used by getting rid of unnecessary aisles between rows of shelving units. Check out the blog for more information on High Density Mobile Shelving.

The third storage unit that can be added is LevPRO. This storage unit is like High-Density Mobile Shelving in the sense that it can store just about everything! LevPRO storage offers three different sizes and can be customized for your school storage needs. A great place for LevPRO is in the K- 12 sports equipment room. It can be added to the current storage room and increase the space! Furthermore, LevPRO has the accessories and ability to hold music note papers and instruments. This is perfect for a band storage room to keep all the right papers and instruments all together in one central location.

It is common knowledge that schools only get so much funding. These storage units can all be customized to fit your desired wants and needs; and they are also extremely affordable. More and more schools are looking to find ways to store their items as more students are entering their doors.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping public and private schools and colleges find the perfect storage units for their needs since 1997. We know that the correct storage make all the difference, this is why #StorageMatters. For more information, contact us today!

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