Update: Creative School Storage Ideas for Your Classroom & More!

The average class size in the U.S. is around 26.7 students. From state to state and rural and urban schools, this all varies. For example, Nevada has an average class size of 34, but remote places in Alaska have about 18! Schools are in need of storage units to hold all of their supplies from medical to scientific, so all their students and teachers can access them efficiently and safely.

A school has many different rooms from the basic classrooms, to gymnasiums, cafeterias and more. Midwest Storage Solution has units designed to help out the school’s administration and teachers! This includes our Spacesaver library shelving as well as our high density shelving.

A great place to start when looking to improve storage in your learning facility is with the Spacesaver library shelving. Libraries require quite a bit of shelving and storage and with an expanding library and limited space, there are few options. The Spacesaver shelving is able to be completely customized to whatever configuration is needed for your size, needs and accessibility. The Spacesaver shelves come with many accessories to completely customize your storage solution. This includes things like:

  • Sloping magazine display shelves
  • File shelves
  • Periodical display shelves
  • Pull-out reference shelves
  • 2-tier newspaper racks
  • Canopy aisle lights
  • Several types of file and book supports
  • 2-tier, sloped VHS & CD shelves
  • Wide selection of designer end panels
  • Shelf identification label holders and range identification holders

Since libraries are always expanding and changing, the Spacesaver library shelves can be completely reconfigured throughout their lifetime. This means that if your space needs change, your storage solutions can change too. 

Schools have other storage needs beyond just a library. This may include athletic storage and other odds and ends for various activities, groups and clubs. Athletic programs are incredibly beneficial to students for their present learning as well as their futures. Schools tend to have many programs available for students, which means they have a lot of equipment to store. A great storage unit that is versatile is, High Density Shelving. This would be a great addition in any school because it can hold textbooks, art supplies, athletic gear, library books and more. You can easily reduce the amount of clutter in your current storage area by utilizing a high density shelf. This is because High- Density Mobile Shelving reduces the amount of floor space used by getting rid of unnecessary aisles between rows of shelving units. The shelves move along a rack, making finding what you’re looking for incredibly easy and less time consuming. The racks are easy to use and even make it easier for people to move throughout the space. There are no small aisles to squeeze through and they reduce the risk of knocking over a standard shelf. They become a much safer and more efficient solution. 

It is common knowledge that schools only get so much funding. Storage elements like the Spacesaver library shelving and the high density shelving can all be customized to fit your desired wants and needs; and they are also extremely affordable. More and more schools are looking to find ways to store their items as more students are entering their doors.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping public and private schools and colleges find the perfect storage units for their needs since 1997. We know that the correct storage make all the difference, this is why #StorageMatters. For more information, contact us today!

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