Enhanced efficiency in law enforcement

In the law enforcement industry, damaged evidence can destroy cases and end careers. That's why our Spacesaver refrigerated evidence lockers are specially designed to safely preserve DNA and biological storage items for use in forensics, medical storage and law enforcement.

Preserving evidence from a crime scene or is related to a case is incredibly important when you are trying to ensure the integrity of a case. If imperative evidence is not stored properly it can become damaged or eventually unusable. This is incredibly irresponsible and can mean the difference between a criminal being convicted and walking free. That is why the storage of your evidence is so important and sometimes it may require a temperature-controlled space to keep it preserved. 

Our refrigerated evidence lockers are engineered to maintain a temperature of 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit and they also feature an interior fan to get rid of hot or cold spots and a built-in alarm to notify you of any temperature fluctuations when the door is left open. Failure to address any of the issues mentioned above can be fatal to the credibility of any forensic, criminal justice or law enforcement agency.

What are the benefits of using refrigerated evidence lockers?

Effective biological evidence storage is very important in solving the 300,000 sexual crimes being committed in America every year as well as a large number of murders being committed all across the world. In fact, DNA storage is rising because many agencies in the private sector are now beginning to get involved with forensics and biological evidence evaluation. Our refrigerated evidence lockers offer benefits that can solve many common issues faced by these agencies, such as:

  • Guaranteeing a consistent temperature between 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Offering a wide selection of lockable compartments
  • Providing lockable inserts that are interchangeable to eliminate space constraints when evidence storage areas become overcrowded
  • Providing a built-in removal system that will eliminate the need for drain hubs
  • Providing a keyless lock system to eliminate the need for keys to deposit samples

According to The Biological Evidence Preservation Handbook published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, it is important to store and track as much evidence as possible. That's why evidence lockers used in forensic labs and police stations feature various compartment sizes to accommodate many different types of evidence. Our refrigerated evidence lockers are designed with pass-thru and non pass-thru options to make this step much easier and further protect the evidence handling process. They also include deadbolt locking and anti-pry tabs to add additional protection to stored items. With our Spacesaver refrigerated evidence lockers, forensic and criminal justice agencies will be able to deposit and remove biological storage items all the while maintaining accountability and improving efficiency within their organizations.

If you are someone who is in charge of processing, analyzing or storing evidence you should consider the integration of Spacesaver refrigerated evidence lockers. Being responsible for valuable materials and evidence is a very important job and you want to be sure you are doing it as efficiently and productively as possible. To ensure that you have all of your storage needs regardless of what you need to organize, contact us at Midwest Storage Solutions and we can help you design your custom storage system to fit all of your needs!

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