Evidence Storage

When it comes to the police department and other public safety and federal agencies, evidence is a top priority when investigating different crimes. Finding evidence is not always easy and evidence can range from items big and small, video and audio tapes, or just word of mouth. After finding said evidence, it must be kept secure and of good quality. 

Today we will talk about evidence lockers, and why they are important in maintaining quality evidence in criminal cases. 

Why evidence lockers are needed

Nearly every department has an evidence room, locker, or even a large evidence storage facility. These evidence rooms have maintained and organized evidence, but it doesn’t always work out like that. Often enough, evidence stored in these rooms are lost, damaged, or contaminated, making any investigation very difficult. Although most of the time, evidence helps keep dangerous criminals behind bars, missing evidence can help criminals get away as well as prevent those who are wrongly convicted of a crime from having the evidence retested. 

Different evidence storage trends 

The law enforcement industry is always changing and being innovated as new technology is being created and used. Evidence handling is a good example of this. Evidence can come in many different forms, which is why it is important that each item is stored properly. 

Pass-through lockers

Pass through locker systems includes a two-sided entrance to the lockers, allowing for officers to drop off evidence on one side, and an evidence technician to gather the evidence on the other side. Usually these lockers are built into a wall, and ensures proper chain-of-custody between officers and evidence technicians. 


Since space can be limited, especially when storing evidence, some agencies allow for photography of the evidence, and then release it. Usually this is done for lesser crimes such as misdemeanors, as well as larger or hazardous evidence that is unsafe or unable to be stored on site. 

Electronic Evidence Management 

As technology advancements keep shaping the world, it has been beneficial to storing evidence as well. Many agencies have utilized placing small chips, such as barcodes, on various forms of evidence which enables them to track where the evidence is at all times. This is beneficial when taking evidence to court and helps prevent evidence from getting lost. 

DNA Evidence 

DNA evidence is evolving, becoming easier and better than ever. Maintaining this form of evidence over a long period of time, however, can be challenging. Cool storage systems, such as refrigerated lockers, are being used to keep the quality of this evidence useful.

What MSS Offers

Establishing a secure chain of custody is essential for achieving convictions and maintaining the public’s trust in your department. Midwest Storage Solutions understands and that is why we offer tamper-proof evidence lockers in a wide variety of styles and configurations, all designed and manufactured in the United States. Our SpaceSaver products are vital links for everything evidence. 

Pass-Thru Evidence Lockers

Our pass-through evidence locker systems are built into the wall that separates the evidence drop-off area from the evidence room itself. There are two doors,where an officer can drop off evidence on one side and an evidence technician can retrieve it from the other side. 

Non-Pass-Thru Evidence Lockers

These lockers are designed very similar to the pass-thru ones, but instead of a double-door system, evidence is deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing door.

Both of the locker systems above deliver the utmost in security and integrity of evidence preservations and retrieval. 

Refrigerated Evidence Lockers

Since preserving evidence is of great importance, we offer refrigerated evidence lockers, both pass-thru and non-pass-thru. These lockers come in both a small and large size, and they are engineered to maintain a temperature between 38 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit. They also are built with a digital alarm to warn users of temperature fluctuations. 

High-Density Evidence Storage

Lastly, we also offer high density mobile storage for long-term and short-term evidence storage. These storage units are perfect for hanging folders for case files and documentation, shelving for bagged and boxed evidence, mounted gun racks for weapons and industrial pallet racking capabilities for bulky items.

Our evidence storage systems not only keep evidence safe and secure, but also help save you space! Contact us today to learn more about how MSS can help! 

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