Great Storage In Your Warehouse Yields Profitability!

When it comes to pallet racking, the storage units are optimized specifically for the warehouse and industrial sector. A massive distribution center needs to manage their perishable items for the best return of investment maximizing profitability.

The advantages of better storage prove superior to the current systems in place which may not be working for your warehouse and distribution center, thus optimizing storage and therefore potential profits.

The following  tips can extend the life of your current equipment, cut maintenance costs, enhance safety in the warehouse, and smooth the process of product selection and operating systems!

The Idea Behind “Flow Storage”

First and foremost: flow storage gives forklifts, workers, and other employees in the warehouse and distribution centers the ability to easily move in-between product storage units. These units are capable of moving back and forth and eliminate the need for static racking systems.

This allows for items to be easily loaded onto the forklift, and added onto the pallet system from there. The ideal storage unit that allows for this easy loading and unloading is called the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)

Flow storage streamlines the common warehouse and distribution method, “first in, first out.” First in, first out (FIFO) refers to the flow of products in and out of the warehouse.

Let’s use an example for a better understanding. You go to the grocery store, and the milk with the expiry date closes to that days is in front, and behind it is the milk with  a later expiration date. The first milk in will be the first out! This manner of display helps with cost and logistics as well as keeping the warehouse running smoothly.

Design Considerations To Keep In Mind

In your warehouse, it is essential to find a storage unit that can adapt to your current needs and be expanded in the future. However, because of budget and inventory requirements rising and falling, it is better to select a system that can adapt with your business!

Space saver storage solutions, which are sold through companies like Midwest Storage Solutions, expand your warehouse by as much as 50 percent! This means you can easily add ActivRAC into your warehouse and distribution center at first and add more storage units later.

The warehouse manager will want to be sure that the selected storage solution can hold the weight of all the items being stored. With Midwest Storage Solutions, there are two different ActivRAC units made to hold large amounts of weight.

  • The ActivRAC 16P storage unit is designed specifically for manufacturing, warehouse and distributions centers.  The storage unit is mobilized, getting rid of your current static racking. However, we can convert all of your static racks into mobile storage solutions. This storage solution holds weight up to 16,000 lbs!

  • The ActivRAC 30P is also designed specifically for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution centers but holds twice the capacity! This storage solution holds up to 30,000 lbs of material!

Most often, warehouses like other places of business have HVAC systems, sprinklers, fire suppression, and other essential operational systems installed in the ceiling. Midwest Storage Solution, Inc., has the ability to work around all of these systems and still provide the necessary storage!

Work Efficiency

When you can add storage units by the loading and unloading center, or have extra storage in the docking center it improve work efficiency. This will eliminate unnecessary motions and steps for workers, meaning everything can be done more quickly and with more efficiency.

This brings organization to the workplace and yields greater productivity, product quality and output.

Who Would Install the Storage Solution System?

Once you find yourself in the market for better storage units, you will need someone to complete the following:

  • Design the best flow of storage units for your warehouse and distribution
  • Install the selected storage units
  • Conduct routine maintenance on these storage units

How Does All Of This Increase Profitability?

Overall, an optimized pallet storage system will increase the floor space of any warehouse and distribution center, which means your business will not need to relocate as business expands. The storage solutions provided above use your current palletized racking storage and convert it to being mobilized.

This means more space in the warehouse and workers can be more efficient and distribute the needed items in a timely manner. When you have items out on time, you have happy customers.

All of these examples are just a few ways that demonstrate how quality storage increases warehouse and distribution centers’ overall profitability!


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping people since 1997 with their storage needs. We offer everything from healthcare to warehouse storage units. Give us a call today!

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