Hastings Public Library Gets a New Space and Storage!

Libraries are an important part of each community they’re located in. A public library offers children and adults with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and to increase their creativity. The Hastings Public Library has been closed since February 24th, 2016, for renovations. The library moved on March 24th, 2016, and has been operating out of the Hastings Museum’s east gallery.

The library was in need of a major overhaul. It needed to become more efficient with better storage units inside. With Spacesaver’s Manual High-Density Mobile Systems from Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., they were able to make these changes. These storage units are some of the most rugged and durable manual mobile systems that MSS could offer. This is where Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., was able to design and implement new storage units. MSS was also able to offer library shelving for the children’s section of the library.

The library’s director, Amy Hafer states, “Even seeing new bookends with a rubber clamps that are easier to move than the old bookends made her happy.” The staff was overjoyed when they walked into the library. It was all finally becoming real and the designs were now real-life. Darrion Freeman, the lead installer for Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., was able to install everything from the children’s section to the correct shelving needed.

Hafer was able to take The Hastings Tribune inside for a tour of the new library. Right now, the staff is working out of The Abbott Room. This allows the community to have access to DVDs, the internet, and other amenities. They are going to be located in the downtown area.

Update as of April 12th, 2018: the Hastings Public Library is up for an American Institute of Architects & American Library Association Library Building Awards. Check out the full story on their blog. 

Update as of May 10th, 2018: the Hastings Public Library was one of six libraries to win the American Institute of Architects & American Library Association Library Building Awards! 


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., can help with all your installations needs from Public Safety to Libraries and Off-Site Archives. We serve the Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota areas. Our trained professional implement and design all your storage needs.  For more information, contact us today!

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