High density mobile shelving 101

In today’s world, optimizing the space in your facility is essential - that’s where high-density mobile shelving comes into play. But what is it anyway? 


What is high-density mobile shelving 


High-density mobile shelving is a storage solution for businesses, colleges, museums and more. As time passes, these places will likely experience overcrowding and unorganization due to the lack of space available. Also, they might not have enough money or resources to expand their facilities. 


Unlike traditional static shelving, our units are mobile and eliminate fixed aisles - allowing your storage to grow while keeping the same amount of square footage. Users who have high density shelving have experienced a reduction in the amount of space needed for storage by over 50%. 


Benefits of high-density mobile shelving


There are many benefits to incorporating a high-density mobile shelving into your facilities. The most obvious is the space they save. Our units allow you to hold the same number of items in half the amount of space so there is no need to eliminate space to create more space for other things. 


Another benefit is the amount of things you can store. From healthcare and athletics to libraries and museums, our shelving can fit into any space and meet the needs of any consumer. 


Not only do customers have the freedom to customize their mobile shelving logistically, they can also create a look that is unique for them. Users can choose from a variety of options like metallic paint, a team logo, translucent panels and more. 


Compared to traditional shelving, our units are cost effective and provide you with more space and capacity. 


Lastly, our units are highly secure. The security system only grants access to certain aisles for those who have a code.  


Modes of operation 


There are three different control systems offered by Spacesaver - manual, mechanical assist and powered. Each option can be tailored to the unique design of your space. 


Manual operation


The most standard of all modes are the manually operated shelves. It’s just as it suggests, you are doing the work yourself, you need to pull the handles to open and close the shelves.  If you want a more mobile system and have a lighter load this is the perfect option for you. 


Mechanical assist operation


The Spacesaver mechanical assist shelving units are user friendly and come equipped with a three prong rotating handle, allowing for easy movement. Each unit can hold up to 10,000 pounds and only requires one pound of force to move it. All shelving comes with safety locks, but to prevent unwanted movement, users can have automatic safety locks added. 


Powered operation


For more immediate access for your stored items, try Spacesaver’s power operated high density shelving. Equipped with state-of-the-art touch technology control, these shelving units activate with a touch of a button. Each unit is equipped with a visual screen which makes it easier to store and access the items most important to you. 


No matter which option you choose, our team of experts will work with you to pick the right controls, safety options, face panels and more so you can fully maximize your space. 


Midwest Storage Solutions is proud to be the sole provider of Spacesaver high density shelving throughout Iowa, Nebraska, and parts of Illinois. For more information or to make an inquiry, visit our website or give us a call today! 

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