How a library can create better learning outcomes

Most people think that state-of-the-art renovations are the only way to improve the usefulness of a public or university library, but that is not always the case. When renovating a library space there are a lot of things that should be considered, but what should take precedent are the storage needs. 

By creating a space with accurate storage, you are creating a space that is productive and efficient. Being able to accurately and quickly find what you are looking for makes it a much more pleasant and efficient place to work and learn. That is why evaluating your storage needs and designing around them is the best way to begin your library renovation. When starting your renovation, here are some things to consider to create the perfect space. 

Involve the students and faculties in redesigning

The main role of university libraries is to provide learning and teaching support in different subject areas, and involving the stakeholders is critical in making design improvements. Subject-centered practical learning projects would be a great addition to the library’s design. For instance, textile students can utilize their skills in making curtains and cushions for a cozy reading area, while the art department can design pieces to be used for library displays.

Additionally, a forum where students and faculty can express the challenges they have experienced in the library can highlight some of its shortcomings. This is critical in highlighting the key areas that need improvements.

Make changes to create a welcoming and comfortable environment 

Did you know that the school environment, particularly the library, significantly affects the absence rates, engagement rates, and success of the students? The visual environment should be welcoming to students so that they will enjoy using it. Your choice of carpet, décor, furniture and lighting should create a bright space for ultimate comfort.

Remember that a moisture-wicking carpet can prevent the familiar ‘musty’ smell in public libraries. This will reduce the chances of developing mildew and mold in the library, which exposes students to respiratory issues and other health concerns.

Embrace storage solutions

As the university grows, the library will need more space for resources. A chaotic space can discourage students from visiting the library and can make it difficult for the librarian to find books and other materials, but Spacesaver high-density shelving systems and storage products are affordable and can offer the perfect storage solution in the Midwest. They run along a rail system, which prevents the need for aisles in between shelves. This means that with Spacesaver high-density, you can store more books and products without needing more space. They are completely customizable, which helps with a constantly growing and evolving space. 

Working with the right storage company can help you achieve your goals with thoughtful implementations and custom designs. It is important that they understand how important it is to maximize the valuable floor space and to improve the overall bottom-line in the institution whether that is with Spacesaver high-density or other forms of storage. 

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