How Libraries Are Evolving: The Need For Reliable Storage!

Libraries have always been a staple in every community. The image most have of libraries is one that is seen in movies; the mean librarian shushing everyone who even tries to whisper inside the walls. However, libraries have been evolving with their communities needs.

The PEW Research Center did a study and 57% of Americans believe that libraries should offer more comfortable seating arrangements and 80% said they should offer technology classes.  Libraries have evolved to accommodate many different needs of their communities based off of the concerns and opinions of people who live in their area. Some of the changes made have been adding conference rooms, an open concept design with comfy chairs, programs and classes offered and much more.

Libraries have slowly sought out advanced shelving units that allow for these changes to be made, and librarians have found themselves trying to figure out how to store their books, periodicals, and other important items with these new changes. While all of these items are essential, different libraries around the United States have started to weed out their collection and add these kind of storage units.

  • Off-site storage
  • High density
  • High-bay
  • Compact shelving

All of these different shelvings are offered at Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.

Off-Site Storage:

Some collections can no longer serve the public’s needs and wants. However, this does not mean the items should be thrown away; in fact, this is the beauty of off-site storage. It allows for these items to be moved to another location and the ability to access these items at any time.

High- Density Storage:

Libraries are feeling the demands to increase what they offer each day. With these demands, librarians have been trying to find creative and money saving ideas to store their needed books, periodicals, and more. If you find in your library there is a lack of space, contact us today!

4- Post Static Shelving:

You can create the storage you exactly need with these storage units. They offer the ability to add dividers, shelving, and pull-out bins if need be.


Cantilever shelving is perfect for legal law firms to libraries. You can add wheels to the bottom of the shelving to make it mobile as well. They display different types of media from magazine to DVDs.

With the complete rehaul of libraries, it is important for librarians to find the correct storage. When you hold information for an entire community and from many years ago to current times; you need enough space on and off the current site. The need for the right shelving will only increase with the demands to keep up with the communities needs and wants.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., serves the Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Dakota, and Minnesota areas. We take pride in all our work, and know that the correct #StorageMatters. Contact one of our professionals today for more information.

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