How OSHA Ergonomics Can Improve Your Workplace!

An OSHA Ergonomic work environment designs the job to fit the worker’s needs and safety, and not the other way around. When a worker has to exert a large amount of effort to store their materials and to correctly do material handling, then the risk increases for potential problems. Workplace injuries and loss of employees can cause a decrease in productivity and wasted time.

What is OSHA?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to keep their working conditions safe for all their workers. While some states have their own laws, everyone is required to follow their state’s and federal OSHA laws. If you are running a business make sure you follow all of OSHA’s required laws both federally and locally.

Having Better OSHA Ergonomics Can Help You:

This happens by providing a workplace that is always safe for your employees. This can help with many different things in your business:

  • Lowers injury rates - Warehouse’s are a common place for employees to get hurt at. With better ergonomics it allows for lower  injury rates.
  • Increases worker productivity - If an employee has two fifteen minute breaks throughout the day it can help with fatigue.
  • Less time wasted- This means less time is spent looking for items and employees can do their jobs easier and more efficiently.
  • Improve quality of work -This means less common mistakes are made and there is less of a chance for lack of communication and workers getting injured.
  • Improve morale - If an employee can do their job efficiently it will make them happier!
  • Improve efficiency - All of the above  bullets lead to this one.

The United States Department of Labor runs studies every year. The last published study was in 2016 and the findings showed that the top ten frequently cited standards by OSHA were from electrical wiring and systems, falling objects, machinery and machine guarding, powered industrial trucks, lack of communication, and more.  

There are many benefits to having better OSHA Ergonomics in your business, and when these things are implemented with the right equipment, the advantages continue to grow.

When it comes to safety, it is common for warehouses and places with large equipment to have very detailed rules and safety requirements. Ergonomic solutions can be very simple and inexpensive to implement.

Ways To Improve Ergonomics:

  • Take frequent short breaks. This allows for workers to not get fatigued.
  • Improve your current inventory management system. Make sure to add all the newest storage units possible. With high-density storage units, it allows for more room and less worker injuries. This is because it holds items properly and has a system that moves on its own.
  • Automate your processes. It is important to always have updated inventory system. ASRS at Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., stores, transports, and retrieves all materials on your shelves.
  • Upgrade your heavy equipment. This depends on the type of work being done and the type of business involved.

For more information on how to help your warehouse space read the blog, “How To Make The Most Out of Your Warehouse Space.”

At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we have the ability to keep your employees safe. All warehouses and other companies that need large storage units must be safe, and we offer this security. Since 1997 we have been able to provide the Nebraska, Iowa, The Dakotas, and Minnesota areas with ergonomic storage units and retrieval systems. For more information, contact us today.

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