Update: How reverse logistics affects warehouse space

Reverse logistics are so important to a company or a warehouse because they can have a huge impact on inventory and supply chain. Do you know exactly how reverse logistics can affect business operations and your overall inventory and money management? 

Be honest, have you ever returned a gift? Have you ever thought about where it goes or how companies deal with the overflowing amount of returned items during this time of year? This is known as reverse logistics. We are here to give your company storage solutions


This is the process of a consumer returning their goods and their goods going back to where they came from for either a resale or waste. 

Consumers are free to return their products if they don't want or do not see themselves needing it. Warehouses and distribution centers should be ready to manage returned items efficiently. With the right organization, it can lead to more loyal customers and more sales. You can improve your storage solutions by following these tips. 

Don’t be disorganized this holiday season, that will only decrease your sales. A more strict return policy can take away from consumers who just buy things so that other person can return it for something they actually like. About $550 billion worth of returned goods occurs every year. The Wall Street Journal said that this past May, Amazon customers who returned too many items have had their accounts closed without any notice. 

You will be amazed by how the right storage can benefit your company. When looking at the numbers, the first thing you will notice is your Return of Investment (ROI). You will also notice that it saves you time. You will not be walking in circles for 10 minutes looking for an item that you saw in that area yesterday. It’s a busy time of year, you need all the extra time you can get. 

SPACE. This time of year, certain items are on bulk order and it might feel as if you don’t have space to hold anything. A new warehouse is not in the budget, so what now? Midwest Storage Solutions has the space saving option for you! They have a high-density shelving units that have 11 aisles with 60 pallet positions per aisle and that totals to 600 pallet positions! You can have your space doubled! 

All of Midwest Storage Solutions units are sustainable! For each unit, about 75 percent of the steel used is recycled! One of our units can help you get a LEED certification for your business! To get and LEED certification your company has to make an impact on the environment or the design. 

With this upcoming holiday season, make it the most organized one yet! If you need a spacesaver or more shelving contact us at Midwest today! We understand how important it is to make the most of your floor space to improve overall production.

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