Update: How the right storage units help LEAN practices in healthcare

If you run a healthcare facility, you want to be sure that it is running as productively and efficiently as possible. This means taking into account your processes as well as your storage space. You should be constantly thinking about how you can work to improve your environment for staff and patients. 

When it comes to optimizing workflows and saving money and space, the healthcare industry can borrow a method originally seen in manufacturing companies. This practice is called LEAN! It’s utilized in work environments from warehouses and distribution centers to hospitals and clinics.

The idea behind LEAN storage solutions, in general, is to reduce what isn’t working and optimize workflows.

The right storage layout can help once LEAN practices are implemented.


LEAN practices in the healthcare field refer to methods meant to create maximum value for patients by reducing both waiting and wastes. Take a look at how LEAN storage solutions in the healthcare field can be benefited from the help of the right storage systems!


At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we understand the right storage systems can play a huge role in improving lean practices in healthcare fields. How is this possible?

The right storage solutions help reduce any chances of error in different healthcare organizations along with saving a whole lot of time organizing critical healthcare materials. All these factors come together to result in an overall improved workflow for the staff at these healthcare organizations.


The right storage systems for LEAN healthcare not only benefit the patients, but it also enhances the staff experience by reducing their labor. Innovative LEAN storage systems are built specially to eliminate walk and search time commonly associated with traditional shelving solutions. Consequently, these LEAN healthcare storage solutions increase workers’ productivity for other important things like patient care.


Storage systems for lean healthcare play a huge role in eliminating waste, even in terms of space utilization. In comparison to traditional storage solutions, lean storage solutions offer much more space for healthcare storage purposes.


Last but not the least, one of the best features of storage systems for LEAN healthcare is their ability to save time. This is because manual picking from traditional shelving solutions not only requires  a lot of time, but it is also prone to errors.

But innovative storage systems provide automated picking and processing to automatically increase the work speed and save time for staff. In most healthcare facilities,  time is wasted and misused on checking consignment stock. This often leads to misplacement and waste as these high value medical devices might have also reached their expiration date.

But any of these possibilities are cut short by the right storage system for better patient experience. 

On the whole, storage systems especially built to optimize lean practices in healthcare can add value to a patient's experience by giving way for faster clinical decisions and eliminating any chances of waste and waits.

Patients need timely care and value added services that can help them recover fast and effectively. Through integrating lean practices into healthcare systems, you can achieve better optimization of time, space, staff, equipment, and materials. Again, it enhances the patient’s overall experience.

It is quite essential for healthcare facilities  including hospitals and clinics to adopt LEAN management within their systems. The right storage solutions play a quintessential role to improve the patient’s experience.

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