How to Efficiently Organize Storage Space

When you need more storage space, but you don’t have more space to incorporate, it is only logical to invest in a better storage system. For you to save as much space and money while storing, you need to organize your belongings efficiently. This ensures that you can store as much as possible in the available area. Furthermore, since a lot of items will only be stored temporarily, you have to ensure that it is easy to access specific items among the items that you have stored. Some of the ways that one can achieve this include:

Inventory all your belongings

When you store a lot of items in a storage room, it is almost impossible to remember everything. Large items are typically easy to remember and see; however, smaller pieces or things in boxes and bins are easy to forget. Therefore, to make your life easier, it is best to inventory all your items before storing them. You can even create a small map to pinpoint exactly where in the room the items are stored.

One way to really help your inventory is everything that you have available in your storage space you use a system that helps you label everything efficiently. Our high density shelving is able to be programmed to show you what you have stored on each individual shelf. They are able to be moved with buttons or a screen at the end of each shelf and you can use those screens to put a list of items that it contains. This is incredibly helpful because it saves you time by preventing you from having to move every shelf and see what is on each one. 

Consider using clear bins in the place of cardboard boxes

Even though cardboard boxes are among the best storage items, since they are efficient and cheap, you should consider clear plastic bins. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers are clear, this means that one can see their contents without having to remove and rummage through them which makes it easier to access specific items. Plastic bins are also suggested because they are much more durable. If there is any chance that your products may come into contact with moisture or other types of temperature changes, cardboard is not a great option because it can very easily wear away. Plastic tubs are a great and efficient alternative. 

Store large and bulky items at the bottom and the back

When one is packing their items in storage space, they should ensure that the large, bulky and heavier items should be placed at the bottom and back. This ensures that these items do not damage the other lighter and fragile items such as glassware or other fragile items. If you are using something like our high density shelving, you should store these items on the bottom of the shelves. Luckily, you don’t usually have to worry about an item being too heavy, because the shelving systems can move up to 10,000 pounds!

Place items that you regularly need at the front

There is always a high probability that when you store items, there will be some among them that you’ll need more than others. Therefore, to save on time and energy, ensure that you place these items in the front. When you need them, you’ll access them easily without having to rummage through your other belongings.

If you are looking to upgrade your storage solutions, but you don’t have much space to work with, we can help! We can provide high density shelving and other customizable storage systems that can fit your specific needs. Give us a call today to get started planning your perfect storage space!

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