How to Maintain Cooler Storage

Any business, organization or warehouse that stores cold items knows how important it is to keep those products properly stored and at the appropriate temperature. Products that need a specific temperature controlled area include: food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. One issue that businesses and warehouses may have is the cost of keeping a temperature controlled area at the proper settings at all times. What can you do to be sure that your cooler storage is being properly regulated?

Proper Seals

One way that coolers and temperature controlled areas can become increasingly difficult to maintain is if there are spaces that allow the cold to escape. When regular doors, docking doors and windows do not have an efficient seal on them, they can infiltrate the temperature and bring it down. This is why it is important to install a proper seal on all air leaks or areas that may potentially leak air. 

HVAC Maintenance

In order to increase efficiency in your temperature controlled storage system, a proper HVAC system with proper maintenance can make all the difference. Not only could a great system do  a better job at keeping your cooler at the correct temperature, but it could ultimately save you money on energy bills. Finding what type of system and layout works best for your warehouse can ensure the quality of storage you have and keep your products at the right temperature without worry. 

Improper Storage

What happens if your storage isn’t at the proper temperature or isn’t properly monitored and controlled? Depending on the products you are storing, they could be damaged in different ways if they are stored at the wrong temperature. Products like wood or plastic could become warped or misshapen when temperatures change. Fabric products like paper or cardboard could corrode or grow bacteria. Food and beverage products could become expired, stale or inedible when stored at the wrong temperature. 

Our cooler storage system may be the perfect option for all of your temperature controlled items you have in your business or warehouse. Our Spacesaver ActivRAC’s storage system is perfect to integrate into an already existing storage system because they are able to accommodate everything you need while being customizable. Even if your space is small with limited options, our storage solutions can make the most out of what you have. The Spacesaver ActivRac system provides the most amount of storage in a completely compact area so you aren’t wasting what valuable cooler storage space you have. 

By allowing the user to move the shelving units along a rail, this reduces the need for multiple shelving units with space in between, saving you space and allowing for even more storage for valuable, temperature controlled products. The shelving units are motorized, which can move sideways along floor tracks that still provide enough room for forklifts to be used. 

Cold storage is incredibly useful for businesses and warehouses. It gives you the ability to store more types of products, it can save you money and free up space. If you are a business or warehouse looking to add on a cooler storage space or amp up what you currently have, the Spacesaver ActivRAC’s system can help manage the space in your cooler efficiently, so you can worry about the other ways to keep your production running smoothly and your products stored at the right temperature. 

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