How to Make the Most of Your Warehouse Space

A warehouse can hold thousands of different products at one time. While the more full a warehouse, a more booming business, but it leads to more crowding. Often, it can be challenging to make sure what products are there and how much is available.

Not all warehouse owners can just spend money and expand on their current situation. Thankfully there is options when it comes to lack of space in your warehouse. So, here are some tips to make the most out of your warehouse space.


The most important part to running a successful warehouse is organization. You can use the 5S Methodology for all warehouse organizational and housekeeping method.

  • Sort: You need to make sure you know what is inside your warehouse. Start with going through your inventory. The best way is to clean out the products that are no longer selling. This results in less clutter and makes more room.
  • Order: Once all the clutter is gone, you’ll need to organize the warehouse better.
  • Standards: Make sure to set your standards inside your warehouse. All employees need to be on the same page.
  • Sustain: Once you have sorted, organized, and made standards don’t let you and your employees fall back into old habits.

Opt for a Redesign: If you can’t afford to  add more space to your current situation, redesign it! This all depends on the current layout, but you could add a number of different solutions such as:

  • Palletized storage racks
  • Use outdoor or temporary storage containers
  • Stack your pallets vertically

Ergonomic Equipment:

Ergonomics in its simplest form means using equipment that creates high productivity and reduces stress and time in the workplace. The success of a company lies in being able to reduce time and increase productivity. With Ergonomic equipment, this allows for employees to work with efficiency and reduce stress as much as possible.

Ergonomic equipment can be used in retrieval systems, vertical storage, and other implementations of storage.

Vertical Storage:  

When you find yourself looking around with no space left, start to look up. For most, this is the easiest solution to creating more room in their warehouse. There are many benefits to vertical storage, which falls under ergonomic equipment, they are:

  • Improves the accuracy of your inventory control
  • It can reduce the space used in your current situation by 80 percent
  • Less training time since operators will not need to memorize locations
  • Finding one that allows for installation on current concrete
  • Allows for 100 percent accessibility to products

Upgrade Your Storage and Equipment:

It can be a large investment to install new storage units; however, this is a need for all warehouses. In the long term, you’ll save more money because of the fast-paced and efficiency that comes with these types of storage units.

If you are having doubts about upgraded; ask yourself these questions, and if you answer yes then it it time:

  • Does your facility have a functional flow path?
  • Have you maximized all your space?
  • Do you need to upgrade for safety purposes?
  • Does your facility need more room?

A great vertical storage to implement in your warehouse is, ActivRAC. This system allows for you to maximize space in your current situation and the racks move. Here is a preview of ActivRAC in work.

At the end of the day, better storage is always a need. At Midwest Storage Solutions, we understand that #StorageMatters, and we value this. For new storage systems in your warehouse call us today.

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