Update: How to make the most out of your small space

Your space is small and there is no option to expand. The aisles are not functional and disrupt the natural workflow of the area. The smaller items are constantly being misplaced and lost in the mess of the current storage units. Small, medium or large parts all need a proper place to be stored.

No matter the field, smaller items are just as critical as their larger companions. These are the small parts storage solutions that MSS provides to all businesses.


The healthcare industry holds a number of small parts from syringes, tape, gauze and many other items. With this comes the need for a modular storage unit that allows for these items to be stored together with overhead racks. The unit can be mounted to the wall for smaller spaces or can be on sliding racks on the floor. This depends on the area’s size and needs.

Another space in the medical field is the surgical room. Any small parts storage solutions added into this room is holding sterile surgical items that are deemed ready for surgery. This is a large task at hand for these storage systems. These medical storage cabinets are on wheels so the storage system can move from different areas in the room and take up the least amount of space as possible. These units are ergonomic, improve visibility, are accessible and easy to organize.

Another space in the healthcare field that holds thousands and thousands of small parts is a pharmacy.


One of the best modular storage units for medication is Frame WRX. This unit can be installed in three different ways: on sliding racks, on moving medical carts or on the wall. This unit provides modular smaller bins inside that hold the small parts securely and keep them organized. In a small pharmacy convenience and flexibility is one of the most important needs for this area. Another space that is not typically known for holding small parts is the industrial industry.


An industrial place is normally synonymous with large, bulky parts; however, not all industrial places are in charge of holding and distributing large boxes or products. For those who are in charge of small parts, there are small part storage units available!

A unit that stores items inside can search and find the right item with a simple click of a button and bring it down to the opening. This makes it easy and convenient for the employee to find the needed item and retrieve it. This small parts storage unit is called ASRS. This unit alone will save up to 60 percent more space in any small area, and controls all inventory with 100 percent accuracy!

The next unit is from our beloved high-density mobile shelving family. The ActivRAC 7M is designed for smaller industrial spaces. While this unit is known as a small parts storage system, it can hold up to 7,000 pounds of inventory on its shelves.

These several small parts storage solutions are responsible for holding thousands of items at a time. Don’t let the size of the item fool you, it’s just as important as the larger items stored on our other storage units.

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