How to prepare your warehouse for peak season

As many retailers plan ahead for this upcoming holiday shopping season, warehouses are beginning to fill up with more inventory. Since it is such a busy time of the year in the retail and ecommerce industries, warehouses can get a little hectic, which is never ideal. 

With the increased activity going on in warehouses all over the country, inventory orders are larger  and space tends to become an issue. If not prepared for this, this can cause many headaches. However, planning out how you’re going to operate during peak season beforehand can make a huge difference, and help things keep running smoothly. So, here are some tips on how to prepare your warehouse for this upcoming holiday shopping rush. 

1. Start Early

If you are managing a warehouse or are head of supply chain, you should know already that demand for certain products are higher at different times of the year, especially during the holiday seasons. Because we know this, it only makes sense to start planning ahead early. As every warehouse runs differently, there’s really no time frame you need to have a plan by.If you do plan early it will help you keep everything organized and give your employees time to adjust to a higher workload. 

2. Assess Your Warehouse Layout 

Since peak season usually comes with increased inventory, your warehouse will experience an increase in traffic as well. Having a layout designed for a busy workload will help you ensure efficiency and avoid accidents. You will also want to do this before peak season so your staff can get a grasp of the workflow and processes you have implemented. Here are some things you should focus on when assessing your warehouse layout:

  • Flow

  • Organization

  • Storage Capacity

  • Space Utilization 

  • Forklift Utilization

3. Increase your Staffing 

Since you’ll be dealing with bigger orders, it would be a smart idea to hire some extra employees to help with the higher workload. Look at the numbers from last year to determine where you may need to bulk up your inventory staff, then start interviewing accordingly. 

4. Organization and Storage

When your inventory rapidly increases, you may feel like you are running out of space. However, nine out of ten times you have enough space, but just aren’t utilizing it efficiently. Rethinking your warehouse organization can help tremendously.. As stated above, the layout of your warehouse plays a big part in organization. A well organized warehouse will help you track your inventory and prevent lost items. 

Another thing that will help you stay organized and efficient for peak season is strategically utilizing proper industrial storage system. This will enable you to maximize space as well as keep everything detailed and organized. 

At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. we specialize in industrial storage system for warehouses. Our products will ensure you are being efficient with your time, money and space. There are many different products to choose from and  each come with their own benefits. Whether you are wanting palletized, vertical or cold industrial storage system, we got it. 

Plan ahead this holiday season so your warehouse can be efficient, organized and safe. To learn more about our products or if you have any questions, contact us or visit our website

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