Importance of museum storage solutions

Museums preserve sensitive items and artifacts that require the right storage units to hold and care for them. These artifacts are essential for educational and historical purposes. They allow future generations to learn about societal backgrounds and norms. 


The correct storage units can help you protect artifacts in your museum for the long haul. Here are some benefits of museum storage solutions.


Manage risks


Items in museums face many risks that cause damage and deterioration. For instance, earthquakes or a sudden shock can cause objects to break when they are not properly secured. Midwest Storage Solutions has storage units that protect your objects from physical forces and natural disasters.


Our storage units are well sealed to prevent the infestation of insects that may burrow into cracks. Fire is also a significant risk to artifacts, because it is out of your control, you need storage solutions with a fire suppression system. You can minimize risks to your objects with our Spacesaver museum storage solutions.


Optimize space


Overtime your collection will grow, making your storage space cramped while reducing the efficiency of your staff members. You can maximize your storage space with our high-density mobile art racks. They allow for compact storage of artwork, eliminating idle aisles, and utilizing a smaller footprint.


Regardless of the size and shape of your objects, we can help you optimize space with drawers, wide-span shelving, and pull-up cabinets. 




Museums are a frequent target for thievery because of the preservation of priceless objects. Midwest Storage Solutions engineers high-density storage solutions with different lock systems for added security.


Custom storage solutions


Museum storage units can be installed on existing floor plans or incorporated into new construction. We offer custom, specialized storage solutions that fit the needs of your museum. No matter the structure of your institution, we provide the best solutions that can store objects of different shapes and sizes. 


You want to be mindful of where you are storing your things, there are a couple of areas you want to avoid when storing your beloved items. Typically, you want to store things in a controlled environment, which means avoid conditions that change often. A basement or an attic is usually hot and humid and temperature frequently changes. Don’t put your rare items up in danger! 


Another thing you might want to consider is a cold storage! They can be used to control moisture or as a drying room. A cold storage is also good for long term storage, especially for items that decline quickly. If you are not sure which product to choose, try SpaceSaver ActivRAC! Our ActiveRAC has a load capacity that ranges from 7,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs, this allows for easy storage for all your items! 


Hire us


Midwest Storage Solutions designs quality storage units for museums that are of value. Our storage units can house different collections like anthropology, entomology, textile, art, botanical, and archeology. Contact us today for more information about our museum storage solutions.

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