Improve Your University’s Library Space With Storage!

A university library changes and adapts as time goes on, like everything in life. The library brings in newer books, make more space for study areas, open floor plans for classes, and integrate more technology inside its walls. All of these changes over the years can cause big problems: where to store all of the books, periodicals and encyclopedias being phased out. A librarian would want to preserve or hold onto these items in case a class or student needed them.

The Need For More Storage Units

Some universities have one main campus and several commonwealth campuses along with commuter campuses. All of these share the same library system, even if they are all located in different places in the state. When you are responsible for this many campuses with all of these books, it can get overwhelming.

As advancement in technology keeps progressing, hard copies of books will become unnecessary, or so we thought. Just because we are living in a digital era does not mean everything automatically merges to the web. In 2016, the University of California library relied heavily on high-density mobile shelving and off-site shelving because of its massive book reserves. Seems excessive, right? Wrong. This library holds all of the University’s physical book collections for all 10 campuses.

A common misconception was that everything was to be digitalized; however, this is not an easy option like most would assume. With over half of their collection still in copyright, people could not legally use a digital copy. Most faculty and staff who need materials for research find it easier to have the copy within their hands, and there is no guarantee of long-term digital preservation. If the internet is down, no books. If some crazy glitch happens, all the books are gone.

The Custom Library Shelving & Storage Units Needed

The first libraries to use off-site storage were the University of California and Harvard University in the 1980s. Since then, off-site custom library shelving has become the norm for libraries on college campuses that are unable expand on their current land. Midwest Storage Solutions offers X-Tend High Bay storage solutions which make it easy for university libraries to store their archives off-site. These books can be accessed at any time and they are protected with the appropriate protective storage materials.

A storage unit that most university libraries can incorporate inside the walls is High- Density Mobile Storage. These storage units can be installed in the basement of the library, next to other traditional library storage units, or anywhere in the library! Spacesaver High- Density Mobile units can be used as custom library shelving units because of the different options available.

The last one is Cantilever shelving. This is a little easier for libraries to use in-between their already existing static shelving units. These units evolve with changing needs because of  wheels added to the bottom so they are easy to move throughout the library floor. You can add pull-out shelves, media shelves, and wall add-ons as well to these units.

The possibilities for custom library shelving with these units are endless. If you can imagine what kind of storage your library needs, we can make it happen! Plus, community members get memberships to the university's campus library as well.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., is the place to go to when you need library storage. As you can see, we offer a number of different storage units for all of your needs. We have been helping people since 1997 to find the right storage, the first time. Contact us for more information.

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