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When a case is taken to trial or a crime is committed, the evidence is almost always collected, organized and stored. This is to be sure that it is readily available when needed and can go through the proper process. It is absolutely crucial that evidence is stored properly to ensure that it lasts and is not tampered with. 

Law enforcement needs to have proper storage rooms and lockers that keep evidence organized and secure for an extended period of time. At Midwest Storage Solutions, we provide tamper-proof evidence lockers in an array of styles that suit your department.

These evidence lockers maintain public trust, especially when it comes to high profile cases as they keep evidence secure. Officers can also retrieve and store items with ease while saving time.


  • Well-trained staff 
  • Detailed agenda on organization 
  • Determine who will do what 
  • Maintain professionalism 

Check out this awesome video on how evidence is collected, organized and stored: 


Lack of control over inventory is a common problem in many evidence rooms. Crimes happen daily and officers pick up evidence frequently, which quickly leads to disorganization and overcrowding. Reorganizing an evidence room can be difficult due to cold cases because items have to be stored indefinitely. Controlling your evidence inventory can be done by installing high-density shelving. Midwest Storage Solutions designs quality high-density shelving that allows for compact storage while saving floor space.

You can store property that has never been claimed and evidence for cold cases in cabinets minimizing accumulation. You also need to dispose of evidence and property that are no longer in use which will free up space.


Organizing your evidence room ensures efficiency and effectiveness in your office. Placing evidence from misdemeanor cases next to biological samples and DNA is wrong. It not only causes contamination but also makes it difficult to look for items.

You can avoid these messes by prioritizing evidence when organizing. Evidence from violent felonies and other cases should be properly labeled and stored in one room. Additionally, DNA samples should be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit and unnecessary evidence is eliminated.

 Ensure you carry out a yearly audit of your evidence room to keep up with inventory.

Have you heard of pass-through lockers? They are two-sided entrance to lockers, this helps keeps evidence organized! Officers drop off evidence on one side of the door while a technician gathers it on the other side. Pass through lockers helps keep the evidence safe because it’s locking system, welded doors and it’s doubled walls! 

 Another good option for evidence storage is refrigerated evidence lockers! Not all things can be stored at the same temperature. This is especially helpful when storing biological evidence samples. These units are stored from 38 to 42 degrees. You will also be notified if there are any changes in temperature! 


At Midwest Storage Solutions, we provide public safety and industrial storage solutions fabricated to cater to your needs. Contact us today for evidence lockers and property storage rooms.

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