LevPRO storage 101

An evidence room, locker room, storage closet or any small area could benefit from installing one of the newest high density mobile shelving solutions in their space. LevPRO is the small but mighty storage system you have been searching the market for. This unit has been installed in industries ranging from healthcare to education.

What is suspended mobile shelving?

Suspending shelving is on an overhead track that is connected to the walls. The aisle of the system allows for the shelving units to be suspended above the ground. This mean expanding your capacity to store items without having to expand your space or footprint!

At Midwest Storage Solutions, we care about storing your items safely, properly and storing these items in the same spaces as before. LevPRO is considered to be a high density mobile shelving unit as well! How is this possible?

This is because the unit moves back and forth just like traditional high density mobile shelving units MSS provides. They may not move back and forth with a click of a control panel, but you manually move them back and forth on the same rail system.

The only difference of the rail system is one is attached to walls and the other is on the floor. This unit fully optimizes your space just like other high density storage units as well. Suspended or not, it does the same things!

LevPRO sizes

This storage system comes in four different sizes and each storage unit itself can be customized to fit your needs.

1. LevPRO Series 8: this is the smallest, but mightiest LevPRO unit! This unit is eight feet wide and holds four suspended shelving sections on the overhead rail.

2. LevPRO Series 10: this is the mid-size storage unit. The unit is 10 feet wide. There are five suspended shelving sections on the overhead rail.

3. LevPRO Series 12: This is the largest LevPRO system available! It’s 12 feet wide and holds six suspended shelving sections on the overhead rail.

4. Custom made to order: This LevPRO is the one you’ve been dreaming of. The perfect storage unit to hold all of your items in a secure place.

All of these units comes with the ability to add shelving customization to each shelving section. There is everything from bin dividers to modular support rails to hold modular attachments.

What industries benefit from LevPRO?

The best part about LevPRO is that the unit can be installed into any location and industry! At MSS, we have installed the LevPRO storage units inside a hospital.

The West Bryan Health Medical Center is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The storage units are the stars for behind-the-scene moments. The units are holding sterile medical supplies for surgeries and medical emergencies. The unit provide quick and easy access to all their needed medical supplies.

The suspending shelves provide easy cleaning access to underneath the storage system. In a sterile unit environment everything has to be cleaned thoroughly, if not, this creates a chance for bacteria and germs to grow which can cause hospital acquired infections (HAIs).  

Watch our video on this installation!

Another place LevPRO can be installed is in schools.

ZonePRO  is the athletic version of LevPRO that can be installed into schools and college campuses. ZonePRO can hold 24 to 48 helmets in one shelving sections alone. This leaves the other three to four to hold up to 38 shoulder pads, 36 footballs, 240 jerseys, 12 totes and miscellaneous items.

One school in Wisconsin doubled its old PE class storage room. The LevPRO unit was able to hold the following items:

  • 15 scooters
  • 21 milk crates
  • Large totes
  • 26 snowshoes
  • 8 bats
  • Indoor putters
  • Hurdles
  • Gold balls
  • Tee ball gear
  • Sports balls

All of this inside six shelving sections! This held the PE equipment for the entire elementary.

The Fort Atkinson Police Department in Wisconsin needed a place to store all of their duty bags, first aid kits, evidence collection kits, hats and winter coats. They needed these items separated from their everyday personnel lockers and clothes. The need to easily grab these items to get ready for the day made LevPRO the perfect unit to install. The unit fit perfectly in the space and created even more room!

LevPRO is only one storage unit, but this unit can work for a number of different industries. This small, but mighty high density storage unit could work for all your storage needs.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping businesses and industries find the right storage solutions since 1997. For more information on LevPRO or any of our other units, give us a call today! 

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