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The automotive industry accounts for 12 million jobs in Europe, eight million in the United States and five million in Japan. The automotive industry continues to show its growth each and every year. As this industry continues to expand with new technology and inventions, automotive dealerships will be looking to store their items to be more accessible and allow for a seamless workflow.

One of the leading automotive dealerships in Nebraska was searching for the best storage solutions. As the leading automotive storage system company in the Midwest, MSS considered the dealerships storage needs and decided that Modula High-Speed Automatic Storage and Retrieval System would be the best option for this dealership.  

The advantages of Modula

Modula (ASRS) system offers a range of features that are unique to each client’s storage needs. No matter the weight, size, tools or other products that need to be stored inside the unit, the vertical life can help securely store these items with tracking.

  1. Modula ASRS recovers up to 90 percent of the current space inside of the dealership. At MSS, our goal is to recover at least 50 percent of your current space, this storage unit recovers ALMOST all of the space. This is one reason why we recommend this storage unit to dealerships.

  2. This storage solution provides employees with the ability to save time. This is done with a simple click of a button on the storage unit. The storage unit can locate the exact item needed, in return, this helps with productivity. An employee knows exactly where all parts are located and there is less searching for missing parts.

  3. This storage unit can help protect all items from damage and theft. This is because the machine is enclosed with automatic doors which prevent the products stored inside from being exposed to others. All machines are password protected. This means anyone who operates or retrieves an item from the unit has access. If an item goes missing, the machine tracks the last person to take this item or product out of the system.

  4. All systems use Copilot software that is a fully equipped intuitive automated retrieval system!  This touch screen interface provides icons for easy access to the product inside of the storage unit.

  5. Another benefit for the automotive industry? This storage unit can hold up to 2,200 pounds of weight on EACH tray in the storage unit. This is because all trays are made out of steel.

This is just one of the automotive storage solutions that are provided with MSS.

Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundia all have one thing in common- the need for the right storage unit. MSS offers several other storage units for the automotive dealership from high-density mobile shelving to Vidir Storage. For more information on Modula or other units, contact us today!

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