LOCAL: GO BIG RED- a storage system for our Huskers

When it comes to Big Ten football, Nebraskans are serious about their team. You’ll hear GO BIG RED all across Lincoln on game day! But away from the gridiron, the Huskers needed an athletic storage system to hold up during the season and off-season.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into getting ready before a big game, and the right storage unit makes this process go smoother. The team needed a place to store all of their equipment and manage their previous seasons’ clothing and equipment.  Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., was able to provide the football team with Mobile High Density storage units from Spacesaver.

Jay Terry, the team’s equipment manager, gave a tour of the new equipment storage facilities. The storage units managed to triple the current space in size, and allow for all equipment to be stored in one location thanks to their new athletic storage.

The new storage units allows for each player to have their own locker for their practice gear and game day gear. The units are large enough to store both helmets inside! How convenient is this when the game day jitters start to happen. It would be terrible to misplace gloves, cleats or a helmet because of inadequate storage.

The coaches also needed space for their game day gear and equipment.

As Terry states, “hit the magic button and they slide over.” This statement alone shows how easily our storage system makes it to retrieve and put away athletic items.

The storage units all have a front button that moves them mechanically from left to right. This is the standard mode for all high-density athletic storage systems.  It allows for easy access and makes more room when the team is not in the locker room. This type of organization allows things to run more smoothly and efficiently on a day-to-day schedule.

Many Nebraska and Iowa teams sought after Spacesaver’s Mobile High Density storage solutions because they offer the best value for their team. We have many other success stories about colleges using this kind of storage. Check out our “Success Stories” section of our website for more information.

Here is a closer look at the Husker’s Mobile High Density storage unit.

You spend all this money on the top athletic gear, so why not spend it on storage space? At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., our mission is to make your current situation better. We want to fix your current problems with storage to maximize the space you currently have.

We are the only Midwestern distributor of Spacesaver Storage. We serve Nebraska, Iowa, the Dakota’s and Minnesota.


Midwest Storage Solutions has installed over 700 storage units in total. We have trained professional who know what kind of storage you are looking for. Give us a call so we can help you!

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