LOCAL: HDR headquarters installation

Another successful installation for Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has happened with their partner Moduflex, LLC.! The new HDR headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska is finally finished, and the HDR employees are settling into the new building with beautiful architecture character and storage solutions!

Over 1,000 employees are now working out of the 10-story global headquarters in Aksarben Village. HDR is one of many companies who are moving their headquarters to the Aksarben Village area. The others known in Omaha are Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ervin & Smith, DLR Group and others.

HDR’s Chief Executive stated to the Omaha World Herald that it’s the perfect fit and atmosphere! What does the new facility offer employees and clients? It provides state-of-the-art technology from computers to a roof that lowers the blinds when it’s too sunny outside. The building offers smart elevators that sense how many passengers are inside and which floors they will be going to.

Furthermore, goodbye is the shuttle bus that carried employees from building to building all over Omaha! The employees can now enjoy a five story parking garage attached to their new headquarters.

In the future, the plan is to make the first floor of the headquarters a space for retail and restaurants. This will help to expand on the Aksarben Village community.

With this new expansion, HDR called in MSS to help install the best storage solutions for their new place. It’s important to install the best storage units to maximize the space in the headquarters. The HDR team needed a storage unit that would hold all of their architectural drawing and art work properly. All buildings and work done for clients need to be stored internally for research and for any expansions in the future.

MSS worked with their partners Moduflex to install KUL HD Cabinets. These cabinets are 42” wide and 42” deep with heavy duty material that hold up to 480 pounds of architectural drawings and artwork. The unit’s material can be customized with high-pressure laminate which is used for hundreds of storage solutions on the market. The other material is the thermofused laminate. This laminate comes in wood grain texture and solid color! These are different materials that aren’t typically offered with storage solutions like these ones!

This was an exciting for both MSS and Moduflex to work together! The team was able to provide the best solutions for HDR.

MSS and Moduflex was happy to help one of the top 10 architecture firms in their headquarters of Omaha! For these storage solutions installed into HDR or others, please contact us today!

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