LOCAL: The Monticello Library Caters to The Community!

What could make Western Shawnee an even better community to live in? A local library that caters to the community’s needs!

A public library is more than a place for people to read books. A library can now offer educational classes, technology-based classes, a space for meetings, and they still offer books! (We don’t think that will ever change!)  

This plan has been in the process since 2005. This project has been a long time coming.

This library is one of the various libraries working underneath the Johnson County Library. The Johnson County Library has over 13 locations!

The Monticello library is still under construction and is slowly being built. Why the long wait? There was research done to analyze exactly what this community needs from the library.

In response to this research, the following areas were added into the design:

  • A children’s area
  • Public Meeting room (100 seats available)
  • Up to date technology available
  • Artwork outside
  • Children’s area outside
  • Self-checkout
  • Literacy programs
  • A charging counter
  • Wi-Fi
  • Staff work areas

As you can see, this project has been taking a great length of time because of all the features it offers the community.

Check out this video to see the architectural design come to life.

This library is going to change this community for the better!

At Midwest Storage Solutions, we strongly believe that libraries are important to every community.

With this belief at the core of our business, we can offer a number of custom library shelving options for every library’s individualized needs. The first one is high-density storage solutions.

This is a universal custom library shelving solution. This can hold just about everything and is temperature controlled.  

A common custom library shelving unit that is installed in libraries is Cantilever Library shelving. These are ideal for libraries because the storage units can be stationary or easily have casters added to the bottom for the option to make them mobile.

Furthermore, these storage units have custom library shelving that can hold everything from media to books.

The final common storage unit added is 4-post and case type shelving. These shelves allow for frame mounted doors to be added.

This can create an option to make these storage unit cabinets. This can help secure the items inside of these storage units.


Midwest Storage Solutions has been helping libraries with their lack of space and storage issue since 1997. For more information, contact us today. Also, check out our “resources” tab that offers all our success stories. No space is too big, small, or crazy for us to install storage units in.

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